"Magnet Kit" that allows you to place anything you like anywhere with super strong magnets & glue

To mount the bicycle light you need a dedicated mount, depending on the type of light it is OK that the mount will not fit. In such a convenient case, you can set your favorite light anywhere, super strong magnet and glue set is a "Magnet Kit"is. Not limited to bicycle lights, almost any material can be fitted with magnets, so you can attach a peripheral device of a digital camera to a tripod, or attach a remote control to where the hand reaches from the bed, It is getting.

Magnet Kit - the future needs fixing - sugru

You can check how to use Magnet Kit from the following movie.

Attach anything to anything with sugru + magnets! - YouTube

A male brought a bicycle.

Men from the pocket,CAT EYEI took out two lights made from them.

I pulled the light and left. The round light magnets of Magnet Kit are attached to the two lights.

When I release my hand holding a light near the saddle bar ......

How, even at this distance I got stuck to the magnet without falling to the ground.

Even if you strike a magnet attached to the handle part, throw a light like a cow ......

Pitt! And you can see that it is a quite powerful magnet.

Magnet Kit can be installed in anything.

Even a stick type light with no mount can be mounted easily.

A man is shaking a bicycle strongly.

But the attached lights are not jealous.

Magnet Kit makes it possible to bond strongly.

When opening the Magnet Kit ......

Some of them are wrapped in silver wrapping paperSugru"There are 3 strong bags and ...

roundNeodymium magnetThere are four.

How to install Magnet Kit, magnets attached with sugru ......

Just press on the place you want to install.

Magnet Kit can be used in various ways, and the cable switch of the single lens reflex camera can be magnetically attached to a convenient place such as a tripod ......

You can attach a light to the electric screwdriver to illuminate the work place, or attach a drill to change.

When putting a crutch, if it is attached with a magnet, it will not collapse in falling apart.

At the time of article writing, Magnet Kit is preparing for sale. For the first production, a kit is scheduled to be shipped in January 2014 with 10 kilos (about 1500 yen), 1000 kits only, and a shipping fee to Japan is separately charged 2.13 euro (about 324 yen) . If you want to purchase, please click the "Register to get yoursIf you register your e-mail address from the left side, you will be able to receive notification e-mails as soon as you are ready.

Magnet Kit - the future needs fixing - sugru

In addition, you can see how strongly the adhesive "sugru" that can paste Magnet Kit anywhere can be attached from the following movie.

Sugru sticky - YouTube

Sugru like an orange gum ... ...

I pressed it gently.

Three sugrus are installed on materials like aluminum.

I pressed an electric screwdriver of plastic material on it.

We set up two sugrus on the upper side, next we set up a ceramic dish.

On the upper side of the dish you cante the camera of Canon.

On the upper side is a MacBook AC adapter.

Place a metal tool on top of it.

Fit the measuring cup in accordance with the curve of the tool.

Finally, we installed a wooden hanger on the handle part of the measuring cup.

"After 24 hours ..."

Through the rope to the ceiling anchor ... ....

I made a ring at the end and hooked on the hanger.

Pull a rope a little ......

How awfully, oven toaster, electric screwdriver, dish, digital camera, AC adapter, tool, measuring cup, hanger was connected in a suspended manner. It does not become disagreeable, and you can see that the adhesion power comes with origami.

The strong adhesive "sugru" can also be used for applications other than adhesion, such as cable reinforcement. There is a sale on the following website and "Multi" of red × 2, blue × 2, yellow × 2, black × 1, white × 1 is 11 euros (about 1600 yen), black × 8 "black" Black × 4, white × 4 "Black & White" is 12 euros (about 1700 yen) each.

Buy some sugru - the future needs fixing - sugru

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