I tried rearranging the parts with a switchable universal knife "Switch"

I made an article in JanuaryStylish universal pocket knife that can be reconstructed by selecting only the parts that you want to carry, Quikry's "Switch".

I bought this and was looking forward to arrival, and finally arrived the other day so I tried to reorganize parts and tried it.

Details are as below.
Quirky - Switch Modular Pocket Knife

Arrival of mystery cardboard from abroad.

I do not know what kind of route it has gone through, but it seems that it was a pretty intense trip.

I opened the box at once.

I was used to excessive packaging of Amazon, so it was a little shocking.

A part of the box is broken, but it is not a big deal.

I will decide to look inside.

A plastic case first appeared. All parts are put in this.

Parts are crowded.

Basic parts. Large from 7 to 13 from the left, Medium for incorporating 4 to 10 functions, Small frame for incorporating 2 to 6 functions, and axis parts used for fixing each part.

First of all I made a little with Small. Pick the parts you like and arrange them in the center of the frame.

Sandwich both sides with color parts and let the shaft pass through.

Tighten this with a cute coin and it will be completed.

There are 18 kinds of functions that can be used. This is a normal knife.

Two sawtooth blades

Slim minus driver


can opener

Bottle opener and minus driver




Phillips screwdriver

Precision screwdriver plus

Minus of precision driver

bottle opener

Mysterious parts ......

This is a tip twisted.



I do not quite understand this, though ...

When turning over, the switch is on and the light is on.

In this picture 12 kinds of parts are incorporated. Giving up with only thin parts will create gaps, parts will not be stable so let's pack the space as closely as possible.

I tried incorporating it to the maximum in Large.

Although not using all functions at the same time, it may be useful if you have it in case of emergency.

However, as a whole the making of parts is coarse, and the feeling like a function corresponding to the price is puffy. However, it is a fact that I can reconstruct and play variously, so I wonder if I can be pretty happy if given to children. Those who are seeking authentic things, please decide once you pick up the real thing and check it.

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