"Windows 8 selling is counterproductive to copyright protection", senior Chinese officials demand continuation of XP

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It will be the latest version of Windows OS in October 2013Release of Windows 8.1Although the transition to the new OS is progressing globally, such as the start of the new OS, Chinese high-ranking officials say that the introduction of the new OS causing the price rise is "to be a barrier to software protection" We continue to support Windows XP and continue selling inexpensive Windows OS. "

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As of April 9, 2014Windows XP which Microsoft has decided to end supportHowever, we still maintain a high market share in China. In view of the situation MicrosoftTemporarily discount the price of Windows 8 to about one thirdWe encouraged the transition of users by taking measures such as, but we have not seen improvements that I expected.

The share of OS by OS in China is as follows and you can see that Windows XP indicated by the blue line keeps the top position.

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By the way, the market share in Japan is like this, already Windows 7 has been greatly differentiated.

In the United States, it is overtaken by Windows 7, and it competes with Mac OS X for the second place.

Hong Kong is similar to Japan.

Yan Xiaohong of the Chinese national copyright director, "As soon as Windows 8 was released in October last year, the sale of a bargain version of Windows 7 ceased, which caused the cost of software purchase to increase, It is no longer possible to purchase Windows 8 which should be introduced originally.In addition to this, circumstances such as the end of support of Windows XP have overlapped, and the operation of genuine software in China is threatened. " We urge the provision of products that meet the needs of Chinese citizens, "the company announced.

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