Matsuya's "meat miso eggplant combo beef miso" is a cup and twice a delicious bowl

"The price of the beef bowl in a row is 280 yen, each company's competitive price competition has reached its limit,"Matsuya's President saysAlthough it is a reason, it is better to say that it is better to put out a new menu with value than to price down, so from November 7 (Thursday)Meat Miso eggplant combo beef tallow"Has newly appeared. Basically it is a common tactic of "trying to put something on existing beef bowl", but how is the result?

Meat Miso Eggplant Combo Beef Mesh New Release! | Matsuya Foods

So I arrived at Matsuya.

It also appeals meat meat miso eggplant combo beef meat newly at the shop, feeling like a color image of a nasbi.

When going inside, first go straight to the vending machines of the tickets.

Meat miso eggplant combo beef cattle found. I will order a crowd.

Wait for meat Miso eggplant combo beef has arrived in about 5 minutes. There is a little aroma like Mabo eggplant drifts.

Eggplant that smoked oil

The bottom of the eggplant is Troll with such a feeling.

Meat miso is mixed with fine meat.

There are plenty of miso under the eggplant.

The beef tsumen has less meat than normal beef cattle.

There is also a green onions in the middle. To eat meat miso eggplant.

I do not feel spicy or spicy much, and it is a period limited product shortly before "Fried pork and eggplant hot miso set mealI feel miso and sweetness close to the seasoning of ". Although the seasoning of the garlic, ginger and dense flavor Gattsuri type which is often used for stir-frying is not it, the taste of the eggplant's ingredients is utilized, and the rice seasoning seasoning.

Under the eggplant is a lot of meat miso, so you can eat with eggplants without rice and eat Uma. The amount of meat and miso is quite large, so there is no need to eat rice again.

According to Matsuya, beef cattle is "gentle seasoned" without "chemical seasoning additive". Meat miso eggplant also has not much so much seasoning, so things are not thirsty too much. Because the bowl menu lasts until you finish eating a taste, making such a pizza half and half like this is a nice place.

By the way, even if you eat meat miso eggplant and beef tenderware together, it was not particularly good companion or bad translation.

As an arranging menu for a limited time only, it is a bit of orthodox seasoning so you can rest assured that it's just fitting when saying "It's not enough to order a set meal, but it's getting tired with usual beef bowl."

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