"IPad Air" haste photo review with a total weight of 469 grams reduced by 24% in total volume

The fifth generation of the iPad which began selling on November 1 "IPad AirIn order to getShinsaibashi's Apple Store has long linesAlthough it seems that it was finished, I managed to get on because I managed to finish it.

Apple - iPad Air

◆ iPad Air Photo Review

This is the iPad Air box, a simple design like the Apple product.

This time iPad Air Wi-Fi 16 GB, color choice silver.

That's why I opened it quickly.

Various instructions · 12 W USB power adapter · Lightning - USB cable · iPad Air was included.

I will peel ... ... and peel off the protective film.

That's why this is the iPad Air. The size is 240 mm in height × 169.5 mm in width × 7.5 mm in thickness.

At the bottom of the main unit is a home button familiar with Apple products.

The in camera has 1.2 megapixel.

Apple logo on the back.

Rear camera is illuminated 5 megapixel back (f value 2.4), it is possible to control the exposure by tapping the face detection function or screen as well as autofocus.


3.5mm earphone jack on the left side of the top.

Dual microphone in the center.

And on the right side is a power button.

Built-in speaker and Lightning connector on the bottom.

There is nothing particularly on the left side.

right side

A volume control button and a mute button are arranged here.

Edge parts are processed like diamonds like iPhone 5 and 5s.

The reflection of the display looks something like this.

I will start it.

9.7-inch (diagonal) LED backlight with IPS technology The resolution of the multi-touch display is 2048 × 1536, the pixel density is 264 ppi, and the display is provided with a fingerprint-resistant oil-repellent coating.

The body weight was 469 grams, but it was 468 grams actually measured.

Taking it in my hand, I am quite surprised by the imbalance between size and weight. If it is easy to hold even with one hand, assuming to use while holding it with both hands, you should have succeeded in lightening too much.

Thanks to the fingerprint-resistant oil-repellent coating, fingerprints are almost noticeable.

The width of the left and right bezel is reduced by 43% compared with the past.

Furthermore, the thickness of the main body is 7.5 mm, and thanks to these, the total volume has decreased by 24% compared with the past.

Looking at GIGAZINE on iPad Air is like this.

Because the bezel became narrower, the thumb touches the display when holding the iPad Air with hands ......

Since it operates by judging whether it is just placing your finger on the screen or touch operation, there is little worry of erroneous operation. When actually lifting the iPad Air, you can see the movie that you have intentionally touched the display from the following.

IPad Air screen cleverly distinguishes erroneous operation and touch operation - YouTube

In addition, the Wi-Fi model of iPad Air is 51,800 yen for 32 GB, 61,800 yen for 32 GB, 71,800 yen for 64 GB, 80,800 yen for 128 GB.

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