"IPad Air 2" haste photo review, really thinner than a pencil

It took place on October 17, 2014Apple recitalWas announced atIPad Air 2Finally began selling.IPad AirAlthough it was shocked by its thinness and lightness at the point of time, since I was told that the iPad Air 2 is becoming even thinner, I tried to see how much it actually evolved.

Apple - iPad Air 2

The box of the iPad Air 2 looks like this.

The character color of "iPad Air" on the side of the box is aligned with the terminal color.

I opened the box with the pakari. Space gray of iPad Air 2 bought.

Besides the iPad Air 2, there are three instructions, a manual, a USB power adapter, and a lightning cable in the box.

This is the iPad Air 2. I can not see a big difference with the iPad Air, but the display part is reflected in the dark blue color and the feeling of "iPad display is like this?

That's why I put iPad Air 2 (left) and iPad Air (right) side by side. If you look side by side, you can see clearly that the display color when the power is off is completely different.

We also discovered that the colors of the fluorescent lamps reflected on the display are completely different. The evolved display of the iPad Air 2 seems to have a lower reflectance than any tablet due to a special antireflection coating applied to the cover glass. In fact when you try iPad Air 2 and iPad Air outdoors side by side, The ease of viewing was obvious.

Furthermore, if you normally try to shoot smartphones or tablets directly in front of you, the indoor lighting will be reflected on the display part and the camera will be reflected, but in the case of iPad Air 2, if you turn on the power, you can see the reflection considerably lose

When you look at iPad Air 2 (left) and iPad Air (right) side by side, you can see that iPad Air 2 became considerably thin.

It was nominally that the thickness of the iPad Air 2 was 6.1 mm, but the thinness was about 6.1 mm even if actually measured.

And this is Touch ID newly installed in iPad Air 2.


Rear camera evolved to 8 megapixel

The camera on the left is the iPad Air 2 camera and the right is the iPad Air camera.


Dual microphones on the top of the iPad Air are moving to the earphone jack part on the iPad Air 2.

Lightning port and speaker on the bottom

There is nothing particularly on the left side.

On the right side is a volume adjustment button

In the iPad Air 2, the mute button disappears from the side.

You can see that the diamond cutting process has been applied to the edge part like the iPhone 5 and 5s, iPad Air.

The home screen looks something like this.

Since it is a large screen, you can see pictures and text comfortably.

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