"Coolors" that anyone can automatically generate a color palette of beautifully harmonized colors easily

Which colors should be selected and combined when creating web design and application UI is very important but it is not enough to ask professional designers to do so, but when you call it a practical combination color palette Simply pushing the space bar will automatically generate the explosion speed "Coolors"is.

Coolors - The super fast color palettes generator!

When you access "Coolors", the automatically generated color palette is displayed.

Super easy operation that color palette is generated one by one just by pressing Space key.

The display is also crisp, so it may be possible to find the ideal combination immediately even by just changing it.

Also, clicking anywhere on the color bar will show "LOCKED" on the bottom of the bar and you can fix it.

When you press the SPACE key again, a color other than the bar with "LOCKED" is newly generated.

Since you can enter text by clicking the color code, you can also write directly for your desired color by writing directly.

Ultimately, when a good color palette is completed, you can share a color palette just by telling someone a URL.

It can be used when making a lot of color palettes and requesting pictures.

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