Contents and design evolved greatly "iPhone 6" Gold haste photo review, overwhelming big size compared with 5s

September 19, 2014, finally "IPhone 6"Was released. As the rumor has been flowing through the stream until the official announcement, the screen size of the new iPhone has increased and the design has also turned from a linear one to a rounded one overall. I was able to get such an iPhone 6 in a quick hit by arranging it in the docomo shop from early in the morning, so I tried opening and photo review immediately.

Apple - iPhone 6

That's why I got iPhone 6 at Docomo Shop.

The box is white.

It seems that the character color of "iPhone" on the side is becoming the main body color.

Paccari and opening it quickly.

Inside the box are the iPhone main body · EarPods · USB power adapter · Lightning cable · instructions.

Pelori and flip the sheet attached to the main body ......

And meet long-awaited iPhone 6. The display has evolved to a Retina HD display of 4.7 inches, and you notice a change in size at a glance.

Actually putting it in line with iPhone 5s (right) of 4 inch display.

The size is obviously getting bigger with such feeling when you bring it in your hand. However, the main body has been designed to be rounded to fit the hand, and the thinness is also 6.9 mm, which is finest in the thinnest iPhone ever so it has never felt "heavy".

This is the home button.

In comparison with the iPhone 5s, the body size is getting bigger, but the size of the home button is not changed.

At the top of the display is a 1.2 Megapixel FaceTime camera.

This is the back. The enclosure is an oxide body-treated aluminum body.

When comparing the color of the main body with 5 s (champagne gold), you can see that it becomes more colorful gold.

Apple logo on the back. The one on the left is the one on the iPhone 6, the one on the right is the iPhone 5s.

The line of resin parts called the D line, there was not much sense of incongruity when I looked at the real thing.

The iSight camera on the back has 8 megapixel and one with f value of 2.2. I was a bit worried when I dropped the iPhone because the camera popped out from the back.

The thinness is 6.9 mm and it is thinner than iPhone 5s.

The cover glass that covers the surface curves downward near the side, and the edge part has become rounded design from the iPhone 5 / 5s. The metal enclosure and the cover glass are connected smoothly.

The sleep / wake button on iPhone has been arranged on the top surface, but this is gone for iPhone 6.

From the left is a 3.5 mm stereo headphone mini jack · microphone · Lightning connector · speaker

Compared with iPhone 5s, it looks like this.

Left side

Here the sound on / off button and the volume control button are on the left side of the main unit as before.

And a new sleep / wake button is placed on the right side.

Although the size is getting bigger, because the placement has changed the sleep / wake button can be pressed easily.

Below that there is also a SIM card slot.

By turning on the screen and looking at iPhone 6 (left) and iPhone 5s (right) side by side, I felt that the screen size became even bigger by such feeling.

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