'IPhone XR' haste photo review, the iPhone that has been reborn as a bezelless design looks like this

Approximately one month after the launch of iPhone XS / XS Max about October 26 (Friday), dropping some functions such as 3D Touch and dual lens camera from iPhone XS, face with the same bezelless design as iPhone X " IPhone XR " which is a more affordable iPhone that can also use Face ID of the authentication function has appeared. I was able to get on the sale day at once, so I tried opening a photo and reviewing it with haste.

iPhone XR - Apple (Japan)

Get iPhone XR immediately. The body color chosen white.

Open the box with a crackle and iPhone XR main body and manual are included ......

Below the main unit is the included EarPods and USB power adapter.

There is a Lightning - USB cable for charging and synchronization under EarPods.

Since the iPhone XR is wrapped in a transparent film, if you peel it off ... ...

IPhone XR in a shiny new condition with a new item will appear. Like the iPhone X and XS, the iPhone XR has completely missed the home button, so it looks like a black board. Although the display size is 6.1 inches and larger than 5.8 inches of the iPhone X / XS, it uses Liquid Retina HD display with resolution 1792 × 828 pixels, so the picture quality is inferior. The pixel density is 326 ppi.

The back side looks like this. Like the iPhone X and XS, the back is a glass panel, but the side metal frame is not stainless steel but aluminum of the same grade as used in the aerospace industry.

Since the back is a glass panel, it is a bit hard to understand but fingerprints are attached firmly as it is in the red frame part.

One of the features of the iPhone XR is a 12 megapixel wide-angle camera. The iPhone XS / XS Max has a dual lens camera, but the iPhone XR has just one lens as it looks. However, still you can use portrait mode, you can take pictures with a taste that you can not imagine shooting with smartphone cameras making full use of the blur effect. The white dot at the bottom of the camera is a quad LED True Tone flash.

The Apple logo on the back is located under the glass panel and reflects glittering light like a mirror.

Furthermore, it is only written as "iPhone" at the bottom. Since it is only written as an iPhone, not a model name, it seems to be harder to judge whether the iPhone is X or XS or XR or XS Max.


Built-in microphone on the bottom, Lightning connector, built-in stereo speaker

The left side

Here are the volume control button and the sound on / off button

right side

Side buttons that can activate Siri with long press instead of home button

There is also a SIM card slot on the right side.

Having it in your hands like this. The size is 150.9 mm in length × 75.7 mm in width × 8.3 mm in thickness and weighs 194 g. It is one size larger than the iPhone X / XS and smaller than the iPhone XS Max.

When I turn on the power it is like this.

When it is displayed on the display, the notch part at the top of the screen is clearly understood. A TrueDepth camera is mounted in this concave portion, and face ID etc can be used.

The home button is also gone and you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to switch back to the home screen from another application or activate the multitasking function.

The four corners of the display are rounded cuts as shown below, so we have succeeded in extending the display to the limits of terminal limitation.

From the editorial staff who used iPhone X for about 1 year, the size is almost the same as iPhone X. Users familiar with large iPhones such as iPhone X and iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 Plus / 8 Plus may be able to use it without discomfort, but users who have used only iPhone SE, 4.7 inch iPhone etc. At first, you might be perplexed by the size of the size. Still, as the display is as large as 6.1 inches, the amount of information that can be displayed at one time is tremendous, and if you get used to it for a while, it is very likely that you will not be able to return to the previous small display.

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