'IPhone XS' 'iPhone XS Max' haste photo review, what has changed from the previous model iPhone X?

IPhone's latest model " iPhone XS " " iPhone XS Max " announced at Apple's new model announcement event on September 13, 2018 was released on September 21, 2018. iPhone X tried to look carefully while than the real thing of two models to be the successor to the iPhone X.

iPhone XS - Apple (Japan)

The outer box of iPhone XS (64GB · space gray) and iPhone XS Max (64GB · space gray) is like this.

The outer box of iPhone XS Max is one size larger.

Content of iPhone XS is main body · AC adapter · Earphone and cable of Lightning terminal · Instructions

The contents of iPhone XS Max also includes the main body · earphone and cable of Lightning terminal · AC adapter · instructions

I will immediately turn over the protective films of the two main bodies.

Turn the power on and set the language. If you display and arrange displays, iPhone XS Max's display size stands out.

I think that the setting is almost the same, iPhone XS Max corresponds to expanded display. With the magnified display function, it is possible to display "text" and "control" on the screen in larger size.

I finished the setup and displayed the top screen.

Weighted iPhone XS weighs 177 g. iPhone XS is measured by 174 g, so it seems iPhone XS is about 3 g heavier than iPhone X.

IPhone XS Max that got bigger than it got 207 g.

I tried arranging iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max of the old model side by side. The size of iPhone XS is 143.6 mm x 70.9 mm, exactly the same size as iPhone X. On the other hand, the iPhone XS Max is 157.5 mm × 77.4 mm, which is one size larger. Dual camera parts are exactly the same size and design for all three models.

Like iPhone X, iPhone XS employs 5.8-inch widescreen OLED (organic ED) Super Retina display, resolution is 458 ppi at 2436 × 1125 pixel resolution. On the other hand, iPhone XS Max adopts 6.5 inch widescreen OLED · Super Retina display, resolution is 2688 × 1244 pixel resolution · 458 ppi. When iPhone X · iPhone XS · iPhone XS Max is lined up, I can understand the size of iPhone XS Max well.

iPhone X · iPhone XS · iPhone XS Max was overlaid with the display side up, comparing the notched parts was quite the same size. As a result, the iPhone XS Max has a slightly wider space on both sides of the notch.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are 7.7 mm thick, and have not changed from iPhone X. In fact, when it sorted out, it was certain that all three types had the same thickness.

I compared iPhone X · iPhone XS · iPhone XS Max and compare the top. An antenna line that was not on iPhone X has been added to the upper side of iPhone XS and iPhone XS / XS Max.

Stereo microphone · Lightning terminal · Compared the bottom part where the stereo speaker is mounted. One antenna line is also added to the bottom of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Depending on the arrangement of antenna lines, iPhone X has 6 left and right stereo speaker holes, while iPhone XS has 3 left and 6 right, iPhone XS Max has 4 left and 7 right.

I compared the right side. iPhone XS Max is one size larger than iPhone X and iPhone XS, but the position of the side button is the same for all three models.

I compare the left sides and compare them. Antenna line · Sound ON / OFF switch · Volume button is the same position.

When an editorial staff who is using iPhone X usually picks up iPhone XS and operates it, iPhone XS is exactly the same size as iPhone X, so it gets familiar to the hand as expected. Touching it, there is not any impression that something has changed significantly from iPhone X.

On the other hand, when I took iPhone XS Max in hand, it certainly got bigger, but it was not that it was hard to hold, but I felt it would be fine if I got used to it. However, since the size and position of the button are the same as those of iPhone XS, the operation of the side became slightly severe for the size, and I learned a little handling. However, as the size of the display increased to 6.5 inches, the power of the screen increased, making it easier to see.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has been designed to eliminate bezels as much as possible. Therefore, a slide bar is adopted instead of a home button, but if you are iPhone XS Max you can impress your hands will become unstable when you operate the home button with one hand. If you are a small hand, one handed operation may be a little tough.

iPhone XS has little change with iPhone X in appearance and touch feeling. iPhone XS Max has no noticeable change except that "the screen got bigger," but as the display size got bigger, the power is up compared to iPhone X.

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