Because I got too big "iPad Pro", the opening ceremony & haste photo review

12.9 inches and resolution is 2732 × 2048 (264 ppi) large screen with high-definition Retina display, but the thinness is only 6.9 mm, the tablet which realizes the high performance which can not be caught on notebook PC is "IPad Pro"is. On line online it was released on 11th November 2015, but since it reached the editorial department of GIGAZINE at once, so I tried to observe the exterior carefully while holding the opening ceremony with haste.

IPad Pro - Apple (Japan)

So, "iPad Pro" arrived in a cardboard box that was too big to imagine that the tablet was contained.

The box of the iPad Pro looks something like this.

Remove it because it is covered with transparent vinyl.

On the side of the box is the character of "iPad Pro".

So, if you open the box with Pakari, like the traditional Apple product, the iPad Pro is full of boxes.

Below that is ... ....

USB power adapter. Compact size to fit in the palm as opposed to iPad Pro.

This is a Lightning cable. It is quite long.

And in Apple products cases such as the familiar quick starter guide etc contained paper.

I checked the items included in the package and immediately translucent vinyl wrapping the iPad Pro ......

I will peel off Periperi.

That's why we finally face iPad Pro. I bought iPad Pro Wi-Fi model 32 GB, color is gold.

On the top of the display is a 1.2 Megapixel FaceTime HD camera. It has a lens with F value of 2.2 and can shoot 720p HD video.

At the bottom is a home button with Touch ID for fingerprint authentication.

The back is like this. In the lower part of the back is written only "iPad", not "iPad Pro".

Apple logo in the center in the back.

On the top left is an 8 megapixel iSight camera.


Earphone jack, speaker at left end

Speaker, power button at right end

There are also two speakers on the bottom ... ...

Lightning connector for charging / synchronization in the center.

Left side

There is a terminal called Smart Connector, through which you can bidirectionally send power and data to the "Smart Keyboard" on the dedicated keyboard. In short, iPad Pro has a Smart Connector so you do not need to use a wireless connection such as Bluetooth when using a dedicated keyboard.

right side

There is a volume control button here.

The edges of the front and side are subjected to diamond cutting which is continued from iPhone 5.

When we actually measured the weight it was 720 g.

Taking it in your hand is like this. The size is 305.7 mm in length × 220.6 mm in width × 6.9 mm in thickness and it is considerably portrait.

Feeling about this size with an adult male.

So I tried to turn the power on. In the initial state, there are only four application icons next to each other for some reason on the large screen of 12.9 inches, so I am very concerned about the vacant space.

When I tried to display the keyboard, it seems to be pretty easy to hit because it is a big screen.

When you actually use it, it will be overwhelmed by too much big size with such feeling.

Compare the size with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus like this.

Since the pixel density is 264 ppi, the application icon is depicted very smoothly even on the big screen.

In addition, as you hold the edge of the iPad Pro with one hand, your arm will pretty much shake, so it seems that it will not be used so much for use as it is held in your hand.

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I tried to make sure how "iPad Pro" evolved compared with the conventional iPad by actually using it - GIGAZINE

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