Compared with the real thing how much the new iPad Pro has evolved from the old iPad Pro

" IPad Pro " which appeared from Wednesday, November 7, 2018 has been redesigned from the old iPad Pro, and it became all-screen and the home button was abolished, so it looks big like a conventional iPad Pro It is different. I decided to compare the features of such a new iPad Pro with the old iPad Pro.

iPad Pro - Apple (Japan)

The new iPad Pro has two models, 11 inches and 12.9 inches, but both adopt Liquid Retina display same as iPhone XR . The resolution is 2388 × 1668 (264 ppi) for 11 inch, 2732 × 2048 (264 ppi) for 12.9 inch.

On a big screen, images are displayed with very beautiful shades.

Had been stored in the GIGAZINE editing unit, it appeared in 2015 12.9 inches iPad Pro will try to compare the 12.9 inches of the iPad Pro and the new. Then, though both are the same display size, it is obvious that the new iPad Pro pursuing the bezelless, such as abolishing the home button, has a smaller tablet size.

The impression is quite different only without the home button ......

The bezel around the in-camera is also considerably narrow from the old iPad Pro.

Comparing the top face of the new iPad Pro with the old iPad Pro, the power buttons are not changed, but ....

You can see that the earphone jack that was compatible with the previous iPad Pro has been discontinued.

I can confirm that the new camera iPad Pro (left) protrudes a lot on the rear camera, and it was also able to confirm that the antenna line was made in the shape along the upper side.

Comparing the bottom, the charging / synchronization port has been changed from the conventional Lightning connector to the USB Type-C terminal.

Comparing the back, it looks like this.

On the back of the new iPad Pro there was a Smart Connector to connect with Smart KeyBoard Folio .

Instead, the Smart Connector on the left side of the old iPad Pro is no longer the new iPad Pro.

On the upper side of the right side surface, a conventional volume control button is arranged ......

For the new iPad Pro, a connector for attaching Apple Pencil was newly installed.

When comparing the sides, you can see that the side of the new iPad Pro stands out, while the old iPad Pro has a smooth curved surface.

The new iPad Pro is only 5.9 mm thick. The conventional iPad Pro was also sufficiently thin, but the image that is more prominent in thinness.

The main body weight is also older 12.9 inch iPad Pro is 719 g ......

The new 12.9 inch iPad Pro got 630 g.

As a result of comparison with the old iPad Pro, improvements such as pursuing bezelless and abolishing the home button make it possible to reduce the size of the entire tablet, reduce the weight, although it is the same screen size as before It is obvious that the benefits such as being born are born.

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