To the end of sale end of the top bowl of rice bowls · shrimp temba and so on due to lack of shrimp worldwide

The top bowl (the same lunch) becomes the prawn large squid rice bowl (same lunch), 2 shrimp to 1 shrimp and 1 cuttlefish, and further the shrimp temb soba (same udon) becomes vegetable sky soba noodles · udon and shrimp None, and the seafood fried rice bowl (lunch box) has brought in embarrassment that the empty hole of shrimp is buried by the appearance, and the official website also rushes to people and it is heavy at the time of article writing .

【PDF file】Tempuri soup, selling the second menu of autumn limited from 21st October (PDF :) 451 kilobytes)

The cause of shrimp shortage is written as follows.

With regard to "shrimp" in particular, in the major producing countries, it develops Early Death Syndrome (EMS), it becomes a shortage of shrimp worldwide, and it is continuing high nearly twice as high as in the past. "Shrimp = black tiger" used in Taya is safe and secure with "coarse aquaculture" that uses mangrove of the Mekong River estuary of Vietnam, raises in the state close to natural (natural) from the time of juvenile shrimp to landing I have raised. The price of whole shrimp is rising due to the production reduction of aged farmed shrimp (Vanamei species) where sickness is occurring this time. In our company, we have also made efforts to reduce our expenses, but we have decided to revise some products from Monday, October 21.

It is a crisis at the same level as you used to be able to eat beef bowl at the Yoshinoya, but it is a place I want you to overcome.

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I went to order a new menu to Tennenba Taneya, "Uen Tenkori" "Ebisu Soba" has disappeared due to the lack of global shrimp - GIGAZINE

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