What happens when dropping GoPro from altitude 4 km or stepping on with a motorcycle?

A video camera compatible with HD · 4K image quality that can be installed in any place such as a helmet, a surfboard, a handle of a bicycle or a motorcycleGoProis. Toughness is also important because it is specialized to shoot movies of active sports, but what happens when falling from the sky of 12,500 ft. (About 3.81 km) without a case? The state that it is published on YouTube.

※ Because it is a violently shaking image, please be aware of those who are easy to get drunk

Gopro freefall from 12500 without case - YouTube

The figure of three men looking for skydiving from now on. Each of the helmets is wearing GoPro, and this movie is taken by GoPro of the fourth Skydiver who seems to be a photographer.

Open the door ... ....

Three people jumped out first.

The figure will be small in the blink of an eye.

And the fourth skydiver also jumps.

An abnormality occurred in the picture immediately after jumping. Apparently it seems that the case of GoPro has opened due to wind pressure ......

For a moment, thinking that I turned to the sky ... ...

Now go to the ground.

And turning round and round violently. It is in a state I do not know what it is reflecting in the video, but it is certain that only GoPro is falling.

Since both the fall speed and the rotation speed are considerable, when seeing it with a still picture, the world seems to be bent and it looks bent.

In the meantime, it is getting closer and closer to the ground, but since the image continues to go round, it is unknown which part is falling.

After falling more than two minutes, landed on the ground.

Roll ... ... and slowly rotate the ground.

Completely stop. The lens does not turn to the ground, it catches people descending in parachute with a good feeling.

There seems to be participants other than the 4 persons with GoPro, and the appearance of Skydivers are steadily reflected on the camera.

Then a man with a skinhead that appeared there.

Gashitsu and the camera are grasped.

Despite falling from about 3.81 km altitude, GoPro captures the appearance of men clearly.

The situation of the venue where buildings and cars are stopped is perfect.

GoPro proved tough by proceeding shooting without failing even when experiencing free fall without a case.

Furthermore, GoPro not only drops from the sky about 4 km, it seems that it does not affect the main body even if it is stepped on again and again over and over again by a motorbike.

GoPro Suffering 2012 - YouTube

The picture is for 2012All Japan Super Motard ChampionshipRound 5 is in HiroshimaTS Takata CircuitThing of the race done at.

GoPro is installed to reflect the back of the racer from the rear of the motorcycle, and it is endured without being shaken off by a sharp curve.

However, the moment you jumped ......

It was torn down to the ground and ....

The sky is reflected.

I also filmed the way the bike ran near the camera.

One motorcycle steps on the camera, and the camera rolls again with a buzzing sound.

GoPro reflecting the ground.

I will be trampled further and will reflect the sky again.

It also stepped back and turned direction.

I am stamped.

Cover with sand.

And GoPro, which was trampled again and again, was finally rescued by the owner.

Although the number of steps taken was quite a bit, the outer case was scratched and the main body seemed to have been ok.

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