I checked the appearance of the 4K / 120fps movie compatible action camera 'Osmo Action 3' that can be purchased at the 40,000 yen range in detail

The action camera `` Osmo Action 3 '' that can shoot movies at up to 4K / 120fps appeared in September 2022. Osmo Action 3 not only has the necessary environmental resistance for an action camera, such as waterproof performance up to 16m depth and a display covered with high-strength glass. It also has a mounter that can be used. Since I had the opportunity to touch such Osmo Action 3, I first checked the appearance of Osmo Action 3 and the features of the mount part.

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◆ Contents
◆1: Unboxing Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo
◆ 2: Osmo Action 3 appearance check
◆3: Dedicated battery case
◆4: A rod that extends up to 1.5m
◆ 5: Protective frame that can be quickly switched to vertical position

◆1: Opening the Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo
In addition to the 'standard combo' that includes the main body and battery, there are multiple combos that come with accessories such as 'bike combo' and 'ski combo'. This time, we will use the 'Adventure Combo', which comes with an extension rod and battery case in addition to the main body, battery, and protective frame.

The Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo package looks like this.

When opening the lid, the Osmo Action 3 body and battery case appeared.

I took out all the contents of the box. From the top left, Osmo Action 3, battery case, extension rod, small box containing mounting parts, USB Type-C cable, instructions, and stickers.

Inside the small box was a protective frame and mounting parts.

◆ 2: Osmo Action 3 appearance check
The Osmo Action 3 has a touch-enabled display and lens on the front.

The outer periphery of the lens protruded from the rectangular parallelepiped part.

I could easily remove the rubber cover covering the lens with my fingers. Be careful not to lose it.

The back has a 2.25 inch touch display.

Power button and protective cover on the side.

Under the protective cover was a USB Type-C port.

Only a protective cover on the opposite side.

Opening the protective cover reveals a battery slot and a MicroSD card slot.

A shutter button is mounted on the top.

A mounter is mounted on the bottom ... ...

The attached mounting parts and magnetic force stick together.

The mount part was fixed not only by magnetic force but also by claws, and it seemed that it would not come off even if it was swung around.

The dimensions of Osmo Action 3 are 70.5 mm long x 44.2 mm wide x 32.8 mm high. The weight without the battery or MicroSD card was 110g.

◆3: Dedicated battery case
The appearance of the battery case looks like this.

Three dedicated batteries are stored inside and can be charged.

When the battery was inserted into Osmo Action 3, it weighed 145g.

◆4: A rod that extends up to 1.5m
This is what the extension rod looks like.

The actual length when expanded and contracted was about 23 cm, and the length when extended was about 151 cm.

The extension rod and Osmo Action 3 are connected via mounting parts.

Combining the extension rod and Osmo Action 3 looks like this.

◆ 5: Protective frame that can be quickly switched to vertical position
By attaching a protective frame to Osmo Action 3, you will be able to instantly switch between horizontal and vertical positions.

When the protective frame is attached, it looks like this.

Because there is a large hole on the bottom of the protective frame ......

Mounting hardware can be attached just like when the protective frame is not attached.

Also, there is a hole on the side where the claw of the mounting part can be hooked ... ...

Mounting parts can be attached in the same way as the bottom of Osmo Action 3. For this reason, if you attach a protective frame to Osmo Action 3, you can instantly switch between vertical and horizontal positions.

The Osmo Action 3 with the battery inserted, the protective frame attached, and the extension rod weighed 360g.

A review article that actually shoots movies with Osmo Action 3 will be released soon.

The Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo, which I checked the appearance of this time, is sold at the official online store for 66,000 yen including tax. In addition, Osmo Action 3 single item is sold at Amazon.co.jp at 47,783 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo - DJI Store

Amazon.co.jp: [Domestic Genuine] Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo - 4K with Ultra Wide FOV, HorizonSteady, Cold Resistant, Long Drive, Quick Release Vertical Mount, Waterproof to 16m, Dual Touch Screen and More Action Cameras : Electronics & Cameras

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