We compared GoPro-like action camera 'Osmo Action' which drone maker DJI sends out with GoPro HERO7 Black


DJI Mavic Air , etc.', as its name known in the drone market DJI , has started selling as it is an action camera 'Osmo Action' which can use the parts of GoPro. In fact, when using Osmo Action, the appearance and function were GoPro HERO7 Black , and it became an action camera that shines in technology and new ideas cultivated in drone manufacturing everywhere.

Osmo Action-Unleash Your Other Side-DJI

Below is a movie that shows the effects of the Osmo Action 'RockSteady', the key feature of Osmo Action. GoPro HERO7 Black's 'HyperSmooth' is also a highly effective anti- shake function , but Osmo Action surpasses it.

Osmo Action's RockSteady and GoPro HERO7 Black's HyperSmooth make a big difference when comparing the two image stabilization features-YouTube

The surface-coated, white-painted package has the image of Osmo Action breaking through the water.

The box comes with Osmo Action (with mounting frame), base mount, quick release base, adhesive mount, USB-C cable, battery case, disclaimer and safety guidelines.

First of all check the Osmo Action body. To remove the main body from the mounting frame, pull up the upper latch ...

Pull it out of the frame. Osmo Action itself is palm-sized.

There is a front display and a lens on the front.

The lens cover with dual anti-fingerprint coating and glare reduction is easily removable. The lens has an F-number of 2.8 with a field angle of 145 degrees, and the sensor is a 1 / 2.3-inch CMOS image sensor.

Equipped with a touch screen on the back.

With the 'Quick Switch Button' written 'QS' on the side ...

There are USB-C port and insertion slot of microSD card.

The bottom battery door is locked in two places. Since the Osmo Action can be used to a depth of 11m without using a separately sold waterproof case, the battery is sealed quite strictly.

The battery is integrated with the door. The serial number was written inside the battery insertion slot.

There was a red circled shutter button on the power button labeled 'DISP' on the top surface. The small hole next to the power button is a microphone.

When you start the Osmo Action by pressing the power button, the first start starts with the language setting. Osmo Action supports Japanese, but voice operation supports English and Chinese commands only.

Initial setting is finished when the date and time are determined.

The touch screen of Osmo Action looks like this. There is no button display on the screen as the Osmo Action operation is not a tap but a swipe.

Swipe down to switch resolutions.

In gallery mode that you can check the photos and movies you have taken by swiping right.

With swipe left, you can change the shooting settings. You can also set the ISO value and shutter speed manually.

Swipe downward to display the system settings screen.

When you tap the touch panel on the back with two fingers or press and hold the quick switch button ......

Switch to the front screen. Thanks to the front screen, you can take a selfie while checking the camera angle yourself. The front screen is not touch panel type.

By pressing the quick switch button on the side, you can switch to movie shooting, HDR movie shooting, slow motion movie shooting up to 8 times, time-lapse movie shooting, photography mode. You can also recall saved settings with the quick switch button.

Osmo Action is an action camera that is clearly aware of GoPro, such as its size, performance and features.

So, let's actually compare the performance with GoPro HERO7 Black .

At first from size. All are palm size and can hardly feel the difference in size.

The width is 65mm for Osmo Action and 62.3mm for GoPro HERO7 Black.

The height is 42 mm for Osmo Action and 44.9 mm for GoPro HERO7 Black.

The depth is 35mm for Osmo Action and 33mm for GoPro HERO7 Black.

The weight of the battery is 124g for Osmo Action (left) and 114g for GoPro HERO7 Black (right).

The size of the touch screen on the back is quite large with Osmo Action. The GoPro HERO7 Black is surrounded by the bezel. In addition, on the GoPro HERO7 Black touch screen, settings are displayed on each part of the screen, making it difficult to see the subject. Since Osmo Action uses swipe to change settings, etc., the setting display is small on the four corners and is a screen that is easy to see clearly.

The presence of the front screen is also a big difference. Although the GoPro HERO7 Black also has a display on the front, you can not check the camera angle just by displaying the status such as settings.

Also, Osmo Action is easy to use around the interface. There is also a difference between the Osmo Action and the GoPro HERO7 Black in the boot speed after turning on the power. The following movie shows that the activation of Osmo Action is crisp.

Osmo Action launches better than GoPro HERO7 Black-YouTube

It seems to be a slight difference because it is a difference of a few seconds, but it is anxious point because the power is turned on and off quite frequently. In addition, GoPro HERO7 Black takes a long time to react, so I tend to think, 'All ... I pressed the button, right?'

So let's actually shoot a video. There was a difference in the angle of view and the color in Osmo Action and GoPro HERO7 Black. As a strength of Osmo Action, it is possible to disable fisheye in 4K resolution & 60 FPS. This is the angle of view when you shoot a movie with fish-eye on with Osmo Action.

I like this when the fisheye is off.

On the other hand, the angle of view of GoPro HERO7 Black taken from the same position is this. It is possible to shoot at a slightly wider angle than the Osmo Action.

However, GoPro HERO7 Black has 4K resolution & 60 FPS only for fisheye shooting. When the resolution is set to 2.7K and the fisheye is disabled, the angle of view is as follows.

In addition, GoPro also has a mode called 'SuperView', which extends the 4: 3 field angle to 16: 9. It is such a field of view if it is SuperView. Although the angle of view changes even if image stabilization is on or off, this time, both images are shot with image stabilization on.

Below is an image that clearly shows the difference in hue. The upper is the Osmo Action, and the lower is a clip taken from a movie shot with GoPro HERO7 Black. For color correction, Osmo Action uses 'Normal', GoPro HERO7 Black uses the 'GoPro' profile, white balance both are auto, ISO is 100, and shutter speed is 1/60 in common. In comparison, the upper Osmo Action weakens the warm color. On the other hand, in the lower GoPro, it can be seen that the green color of “Matcha soymilk” and the red color of “ideal tomato” are dark and the contrast is strong, but the outline of the tomato is crushed. Mango looks delicious on GoPro, but looks cool on Osmo Action.

While the image quality is GoPro HERO7 Black compatible with H.265, Osmo Action supports only H.264. Therefore, the size of the file taken with Osmo Actino tends to be large, and the image quality is slightly inferior.

Since Osmo Action has 'RockSteady' and GoPro HERO7 Black has 'Sparkle' and 'HyperSmooth' as camera shake correction functions, this time we will shoot movies while moving. A movie in which RockSteady and HyperSmooth are compared at 4K resolution & 60FPS at the beginning. I fixed the two action cameras on a plastic plate so that the swings were in sync, ran on the foot of the footsteps of the scaffolding, and went up and down the stairs. The Osmo Action is moving like a slide, while the GoPro HERO7 Black is quite noticeable shaking.

Osmo Action's RockSteady and GoPro HERO7 Black's HyperSmooth make a big difference when comparing the two image stabilization features-YouTube

On the other hand, there is also an issue specific to Rock Steady in Osmo Action. Because of the correction system, there was a case where the movie jumped like an abrupt jump. The two clips used in the following movie have very different shades, but both were taken with the Osmo Action.

Osmo Action Shake Reduction function 'RockSteady' is also a crunchy case-YouTube

Also, Osmo Action can apply ' High Dynamic Range (HDR) ' to movies. HDR is a mode that automatically adjusts the contrast in a nice way when shooting a space where dark and light parts are mixed simultaneously. If you shoot a movie with Osmo Action with the color profile 'D-CINELIKE' turned on, which does not use HDR and significantly improves dark areas, the dark areas will be filled with black, as shown in the image below.

When shooting with HDR and D-CINELIKE turned on, the movie looks like this: Although the dark area is dark and the bright area is bright, it is generally brighter than it actually is. Note that HDR and RockSteady can not be turned on at the same time.

GoPro HERO7 Black can not adapt HDR to movies.

Actually, when you try using Osmo Action and GoPro HERO7 Black, “Ease of Use”, such as the ease of opening the button and the battery door and side door etc., goes to Osmo Action. In the GoPro HERO7 Black, the operating section was hard, and sometimes I felt stress in handling. Osmo Action is easy to use and easy to handle. That's why there may be a lot in GoPro in terms of robustness and durability, but this is where I can not say that I should use it for more hard applications.

Osmo Action has good touch screen sensitivity and operability. Rather, it may be said that this ease of use is the number one in Osmo Action.

The mounting frame is also easier to remove in Osmo Action. The GoPro HERO7 Black is notoriously hard, and the case where the finger was injured when removing it actually happened.

In addition, since the accessory mounting part of the mounting frame of Osmo Action and GoPro HERO7 Black is the same size ......

Osmo Action can use GoPro accessories.

Even those who already own GoPro attachments such as in-vehicle mounts can switch to Osmo Action.

Osmo Action is equipped with

8x slow motion movie shooting function, voice control command function , time-lapse shooting function, etc., and there is a dedicated smartphone application, and it is a product that is quite conscious of GoPro HERO7 Black. However, compared to GoPro HERO7 Black, Osmo Action has many points that can be perceived as 'does not improve', and RockSteady's image stabilization function in particular has a considerable impact. The Osmo Action can be a product that shakes the action camera market, but on the other hand it was an impression that there was still room for growth in terms of image quality and color.

Osmo Action is Amazon.co.jp and only the main body is tax-included 44,820 yen, and at the time of article creation, the main body and the set of the liquid crystal protective film were 44,270 yen including tax at a lower price.

Amazon.co.jp: [domestic regular goods] DJI OSMO Action action camera + HAKUBA screen for the hydrophilic type dedicated LCD protective film set that is easy to see: Camera

The price at GoPro HERO7 Black at Amazon.co.jp was 48,000 yen including tax.

Amazon | [Domestic] GoPro HERO7 Black CHDHX-701-FW GoPro Hero 7 Black Wearable Action Camera [GoPro Official] | Wearable Camera & Action Cam |

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