Thorough verification of the blur correction performance of 'Osmo Action 3', is a cheap action camera practical?

The action camera ' Osmo Action 3 ', which appeared in September 2022, has perfect environmental resistance as an action camera, such as a sturdy body and waterproof performance up to a depth of 16m, at a relatively low price of 40,000 yen. . Since such Osmo Action 3 came to the editorial department, I thoroughly verified the blur correction performance and the change of color in the water following the

appearance check .

Osmo Action 3 - Push Your Own Limits - DJI

Osmo Action 3 is an action camera equipped with a unique magnetic mount part, and can shoot high quality movies of up to 4K / 120fps. The appearance of Osmo Action 3 is checked in detail in the following article. This time, I will actually shoot a movie with Osmo Action 3 and thoroughly verify the effect of blur correction and the angle of view.

I checked the appearance of the 4K / 120fps movie compatible action camera 'Osmo Action 3' that can be purchased at the 40,000 yen range in detail - GIGAZINE

◆ Contents
◆ 1: Check the effect of blur correction
◆ 2: Angle of view can be selected from 3 levels
◆ 3: Even if you put it in water, the color will not change.

◆ 1: Check the effect of blur correction
First of all, below is a 4K 60fps movie shot with Osmo Action 3 without moving. You can clearly record from the place where the sunlight hits to the shade.

4K 60fps movie shot with 'Osmo Action 3' - YouTube

Osmo Action 3 is equipped with a powerful anti-shake function that allows you to record intense action with smooth footage. To set the blur correction function, tap the part marked with the shooting quality at the bottom of the rear display.

When the image quality setting screen is displayed, tap the upper right button.

On this screen, you can select the blur correction from 3 levels of 'off', 'RockSteady' and 'HorizonBalancing'.

Below is a picture of actually switching between 'off', 'RockSteady' and 'HorizonBalancing' and going up and down the stairs. 'RockSteady' and 'HorizonBalancing' are quite effective in suppressing blurring.

I tried to verify the blur correction performance of Osmo Action 3 - YouTube

'HorizonBalancing' allows you to shoot horizontal images even if you tilt Osmo Action 3. However, there is a limit to the angle that can be tilted, and it becomes impossible to keep horizontal when it exceeds 45 degrees. You can understand how 'HorizonBalancing' actually works in one shot by playing the following movie.

I tried using the horizontal maintenance function of Osmo Action 3 - YouTube

◆ 2: Angle of view can be selected from 3 levels
To select the angle of view, tap the setting button on the right side of the rear display.

Next, tap 'Viewing angle'.

Then, you can select the angle of view from three levels: 'standard', 'wide angle', and 'ultra wide angle'.

Below is a part of the image taken with 'standard' with the camera fixed at the same place.

The following is taken with 'wide angle'. Focusing on the shadow at the bottom left of the screen, you can see that the shooting range has expanded considerably.

And the ones taken with 'ultra wide angle' are as follows. It is now possible to shoot a wide range. The wider the angle, the wider the range you can shoot, but at the same time, the sense of distance will be destroyed, so it is important to select the best angle of view according to the purpose.

◆ 3: Even if you put it in water, the color will not change.
In addition to being waterproof up to a depth of 16m, Osmo Action 3 is said to be able to maintain appropriate white balance even underwater with a high-performance color temperature sensor. With a general waterproof camera, when you put it underwater, the blue color may become strong, but when you actually put Osmo Action 3 in and out of the water, you can keep the appropriate color. I made it.

I tried thrusting Osmo Action 3 underwater - YouTube

In addition, Osmo Action 3 is sold at at 47,783 yen including tax at the time of article creation. [Domestic Genuine] Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo - 4K with Ultra Wide FOV, HorizonSteady, Cold Resistant, Long Drive, Quick Release Vertical Mount, Waterproof to 16m, Dual Touch Screen and More Action Cameras : Electronics & Cameras

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