What is the result of ``the number of times you passed each other before meeting a dating partner'' obtained from the location information history of Google Maps?

There must be many people who believe in 'destined encounters' where they fall in love with someone they meet for the first time. Data scientist

Shannon Perry uses the location information history recorded in his and his lover's Google accounts to verify `` how many times did the two pass each other until they met their fate ''.

How fateful?

Mr. Perry said that he attended the same university and lived in the same city five years before he started dating Mr. Dan. Mr. Perry thought, ``If you lived in the same area for many years, you should have passed each other many times before you started dating,'' and using the location information history saved in Google Maps, the two passed each other. I decided to ask for a count.

Google provides a function ' Google Data Export ' that can export user data, and location information history saved in Google Maps can also be downloaded.

Location information history data includes location information accuracy data, and the accuracy is recorded in four stages of ``111m'', ``11.1m'', ``1.11m'', and ``0.111m''. Mr. Perry initially tried to use data with accuracy up to '11.1m', but decided to use up to '111m' data because the number of data was too narrow.

Below are the locations frequently visited by Mr. Perry and Mr. Dan derived from the location information history. Yellow indicates Mr. Perry, red indicates Mr. Dan, and blue indicates where they were both visiting.

And the following is the moment when the two people were approaching at a short distance at the same time. Mr. Perry's analysis revealed that Mr. Perry and Mr. Dan passed each other 33 times.

``Google doesn't have all the answers, but it's still fun to imagine having coffee in the same place before we met,'' Perry said.

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