"AQUOS PHONE es" comprehensive covering major functions such as waterproof, one-segment, and wallet infrared compact size Quick photo review

Although 4G communication can not be done, basic specifications such as compact, waterproof, one-segment, wallet, infrared communication function etc. are covered solidly, and the model which is also friendly to the light user of the smartphone is "AQUOS PHONE es WX04SH"is.WILLCOM PLAN LiteIf it is a contract at a monthly price of 4275 yen (communication speed will be limited if you use 1 GB or more data amount per month), it is economically friendly model.

AQUOS PHONE es| Product Information | WILLCOM (WILLCOM)

This is AQUOS PHONE es WX04SH, OS with Android 4.1 with Dual Core CPU.

The main body color is six colors expansion, red · dark blue · turquoise green · pink · white · black.

When I bring it in my hand, it looks something like this, a sense of size that a woman can grasp firmly. The display adopts 4.0 inches full-wide VGA liquid crystal.

On the top is a power button, earphone jack, microSD card slot.

Paccari cover.

MicroUSB port for terminal charging on the bottom.

Left and right sides.

The back is such a feeling, the red color is good feeling.

Rear camera is 5M, infrared communication port on the left side.

Although noticeable features are few, it is a unique model of WILLCOM that enables voice and data communication on both 3G line and PHS line.

In addition, the release is scheduled for September.

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