Movie summarizing the best moments of 2015 shot at GoPro from X sports to underwater

GoPro established as a synonym for the action camera, in 2015 the company's "GoPro HERO 4Movies summarized in one movie "Movie"GoPro: Best of 2015 - The Year in Review -"Is released to the public. The movie is a content that you can enjoy the world of images that could not have been thought until now, from the skiers sliding on the snowy mountains to the sharks on the seafloor.

GoPro: Best of 2015 - The Year in Review - YouTube

Skier and snowboarder sitting on a snowy mountain.

Parents of a whale swimming gracefully.

Cyclists running along the mountain road.

In 2015, GoPro has captured a powerful image everywhere in the world.

A surfer in the sea.

The scene that I encountered a school of fish in the sea is a picture of NHK's loss.

From nature to the city.

Hokuriku Shinkansen running through the streets where snow accumulated.

Snowboarder who decides the trick at the jumping base.

From the image of GoPro attached to the snowboard, the appearance of a dynamic snowboarder is transmitted.

Surfers and ... ...

GoPro became an item indispensable for X sports, such as BMX rider.

GoPro HERO 4Night time lapse modeSo you can take a beautiful night view with time lapse.

Skiers and snowboarders talking something on snowy mountains ... ...

It starts to slide on the slope by tremendous effort. The way to balance while descending is brilliant.

A big jump back to the sun.

Children's skiers also wear GoPro.

GoPro is active not only in sports but also in music scene.

When attached to a guitar, you can see the appearance of a musician that you can not usually see.

Shooting in a space surrounded by a mirror is like a different world.

Shooting from behind the scenes at the live venue.

This time from the viewpoint of motocross riders.

A rider who decides a trick in the air.

GoPro delivered fresh images even in the car and motorcycle racing scene.

Looking at the GoPro on the back of the motorcycle, I am excited about the dangerous competition.

When I attach GoPro to the front part of a motorcycle, this way.

Children and ... ...

The dog also jumps!

The cat is perfectly fine as well.

From practicing rugby ... ....

Flower watering ...

When you shoot a daily scene such as a supermarket with GoPro, it reflects a different expression again.

After all the child's reaction is the best.

Looking at a smile that looks like a fun, I also smile this face.

I also cooked with GoPro.

Picture looking out of the oven.

A woman in a tremendously high place ... ...

I was taking a picture with a hand on a crack in the rock wall.

Jump to a waterfall.

In one act at the road race ......

It included how the athletes fall down one after another.

What on earth does this man do?

Men suddenly jumped into the sky and began flying at a tremendous speed.

If you wear a wing suit, you may feel the feeling of a bird flying freely in the sky.

The monster who added GoPro to a sharkAppeared.

A player who can master the pole with a pole vault and show a serious look.

The movie is over in the scene where the bear encountered GoPro.

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