"Winamp" is also acquired by another company or a majority of shares of the owning company are bought

ByRufus Gefangenen

Music player software "WinampIsDistribution of software and suspension of online service in 2013I did it,Acquired to Internet radio service "Radionomy"It was developed and continued development. A majority of such Radionomy shares are sold to large French companiesVivendiIt was announced that it bought it.

Winamp and Shoutcast Now Owned by Vivendi, Orthers | Variety

Winamp appeared in 1997 as a pioneer of MP3 playback software and it was a big success in the field of digital music, but due to the appearance of Apple's iTunes, the user leaked out. In 2001, a major American Internet company "AOL"Acquired Nullsoft which owned Winamp, announced the end of software offering in 2013.

Project to save and save Winamp as open sourceWas done by enthusiastic users of Winamp, but in 2014 streaming radio site "SHOUTcastTogether with Europe's leading online radio service "Radionomy" was acquired. It was said that the development team of Winamp had been maintaining the development of Shoutcast's streaming technology after the acquisition, and it was said that development was continued also for Winamp, but there are no new version announcements etc. is.

In such a circumstance, this "that Vivendi has acquired 64.4% of the shares of Radionomy". At the moment, there is no talk of Vivendi taking the initiative and asking about future Winamp, but what will happen?


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