Reason why the Comiket Preparatory Committee and others are opposed to the "Child Pornography Banning Proposal" Summary, Impact on Anime · Manga · CG etc.

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Comike Preparation Committee also watched anime, manga, CG, etc. "Child pornography prohibition bill"We expressed our opposition to take the position. Of course, the biggest point is to support efforts to cope with sexual exploitation of child abuse and children whose damage actually exists in the real world, but it obviously emphasizes that we oppose expression regulations such as animation, manga and CG That is the point.

An opinion to 'Child pornography prohibition bill'

The point at which the comic market preparation committee is concerned is as follows and it is that it opposes the part leading to "expression restriction".

Our Comic Market Preparation Committee fully agrees with "Statement against the" Child Pornography Prohibition Act "amendment by the nationwide doujinshi sponsors society liaison meeting. In addition, we express our strong support for the statement of Mr. Japan Association of Manga Artists, Statement by the Japan Magazine Association · Japan Book Publishing Association (PDF). And at the same time, we will announce that we will support efforts to face child abuse and the sexual exploitation of children who actually exist victims

In the current bill, we are concerned that "the government concerns the relationship between cartoon, etc (like manga, animation, CG, pseudo-child pornography etc) similar to child pornography and the act of infringing the rights of children I will promote research and research ".

In the first place, what is inside contents of this "child pornography banning bill" can be understood when Taro Yamada House of Councilors members view the PDF file published on their site.

【PDF file】 Outline of partial revision proposal "Child pornography prohibition law"

This time, the comic market market preparation association etc is concerned is the part of "review policy" below.

Study on the relationship between cartoon etc. (childhood, animation, CG, pseudo child pornography etc.) similar to child pornography and actions infringing the rights of children

Regarding the above-mentioned what is useless, the statement issued by the national doujinshi luncheon liaison liaison, which announced that the Comic Market Preparation Committee would agree, "a statement against the Child Pornography Prohibition Law" It is summarized in an easy-to-understand manner within "It leads to trivial "making evidence" to promote regulation"It points out.

Nationwide Doujinshi Immediate Sales Liaison Meeting - Statement against the revision proposal of the "Child Pornography Prohibition Act"

As discussed again at the time of revising the past child pornography ban law, the relevance of acceptance of cartoons / animation that seems to be subject to regulation and actions that infringe on the rights of children is a research trend on media effects Then, it is a hypothesis already denied. That means that there is no point in "investigative research" on this issue, and I am strongly worried about leading to trivial "evidence making" to promote regulation.

Regarding this point, Professor Makoto Sogabe of Kyoto University who is familiar with the expression control problem pointed out that there are three problems, pointed out as follows with the second point among them, "It is inappropriate to introduce regulations unrelated to the purpose in lawIt is said to be.

What is the problem of 'Child pornography prohibition law revision bill' which also takes "Manga / animation" into view? Lawyer Dot Com Topics

(2) Regulation of creatures that victimized children do not exist, problems are quite different

"The point that we make research subjects such as 'child pornography like' in Article 2 of the Supplementary Proposal is subject to a major problem Firstly, as a premise, regulating child pornography is a practical child However, "Comics similar to child pornography etc" which concrete victim children do not appear is a creation thing to the last, it is completely heterogeneous which can not be said as "pseudo child pornography." The purpose, It is inappropriate to make unrelated regulations mislead, as well as unnecessary regulation can create a shrinking effect of expression. "

In addition, the Japan Manga Artists Association also announced the following statement, "It is subject to regulation until simple possession, even if manga / animation etc is also subject to regulation, in Japan without cultural exclusion regulations like foreign countries, it is difficult for many manga artists to draw on new works of the future Besides serious adverse effects, the manuscript of past works violates new regulations"That clearly states that we are against the regulation bill this time as follows.

Opinion toward children's pornography regulation bill

However, as a part of the countermeasure, feeling strong opposition and doubt that the possibility of subjecting up to the world of fiction, manga / anime, as a subject of regulation is included as "consideration matter" of this measure I can not help it.

In this bill, regulations are subject to even simple possession, and if manga / animation etc are also subject to regulation, in Japan without cultural exclusion regulations like foreign countries, many manga artists newly create, Besides the serious adverse effect on the whole work of the future, even the manuscript of the past work will conflict with the new regulation.

And, too much nonsense happens to check details of the huge number of past manuscripts that are likely to be fearful, even if there is a law prohibiting possession of it, or a manuscript is abandoned It is compelled to be forced.

Is it possible to say that the law that forces such a situation as the so-called "burning book" is a cultural and civilized measure in this modern society?

Furthermore, the "Committee on Freedom and Liability of Publication of the Japan Book Publishing Association" and "Special Committee on Human Rights and Speech by the Japan Magazine Association of Japan"Originally, the law which stands for extremely humane purpose of protecting children is transforming into expressive regulation with big side effects"We issue an opposing statement as follows and expressed the opposite position.

【PDF file】 Statement against the revised bill on child pornography prohibition (Miscellaneous, Collaborative Collaboration) (May 21, 2013)

● Although the original purpose is "protect human rights of existing children", why add "manga / animation"

Our publishing official also has objections to the "Supplementary Provisions" where the risk of destroying valuable manga culture in Japan is very high. That's because the "supplementary provision" includes clauses that exercise regulations to the world in which victims of cartoons and animation do not actually exist as "review clause". This is a problem that can not be overlooked from the standpoint of supporting manga culture with creator. First and foremost, the idea of ​​this "review clause" is far from the intrinsic purpose of the law, borrowing the name of child protection, applying unnecessary expression restrictions, and depriving the reader of the right to read manga. Such overregulation leads to atrophy of expression, which can lead to the destruction of Japan's proud expression form called cartoon.

If cartoons / animation etc are subject to regulation, in Japan where exclusion provisions for academic and artistic fields as in other countries do not exist, not only the serious adverse effect on future creation but also the works of the past conflict with new regulations It comes. Originally, the fact that the law which stands for extremely humanistic purpose of defending the child is transforming into expressive regulation with big side effects is also a threat to the reader, "the right to know" by all Japanese citizens It could be.

We oppose the provision of "simple possession prohibition / punishment" provision as it is with the current ambiguous definition. We also express our opposition to considering "new laws and regulations of cartoons and animation" which is a creative thing that is proud of the world.

In addition, the "Child pornography prohibition bill" includes items "ban on simple possession", and if child pornographic images are stored without permission in the personal computer, no matter how much the individual himself denies Lawyer Ochiai Yoko, a former attorney, pointed out as follows, saying that there is a danger of being "guessed" from the situation.

"Child pornography" Issue of prohibiting simple possession "former prosecutor" Lawyer Ochiai Oshima pointed out | Lawyer Dot Com Topics

For example, even when image data enters a personal computer for some reason, such as child-side pornographic images being sent unilaterally by e-mail or by accidentally seeing a site on which images of child pornography were posted, even if child's porn It is said that there is a fear of becoming an object of investigation.

"In such a case, originally, the crime will not be established as" not intentional. "However, even if the user denies intentions that the user did not know" child pornography "about the data in the personal computer There is fear that deliberate will be "guessed" from situations other than "

As a case where the computer was arrested despite being not involved in a crime he was arrested, the "remote control incident" in which the misidentified arrest continued is remembered to the memory. Ochiai lawyers ring the alarm bells that there is a risk that such false charges as happen.

In short, the same thing happens as a false accident by remote control, even if you think "I do not have anything to do with myself", I do not know when and where I will become a victim as long as there is the Internet. Even though he would not be guilty, the suspect who was arrested as being the perpetrator of the remote control case "maybe" in fact as well as having socially disappeared just by being arrested is "The company was dismissed in mid-May"It has become clear that"Feeling in a tunnel without an exit. I always think that it is easier to kill myself"I said.

In other words, there is no final judgment,There is a possibility that life will end at the time of doubt by the policeThus, the "Child pornography prohibition bill" itself is extremely dangerous.

Moreover, if anime, manga, CG, etc. are also restricted on the extension line, I do not know how much innocent sins are born, and when I will innocent innocent sins.

After knowing these things, it is time for us to think about whether we agree or not against the "child pornography ban bill" this time, and it is time to decide what to act on.

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