Regarding revision of the ordinance of the city again Kadokawa Shoten comics 10 society express protests

Comic 10 society made by 10 publishing companies such as Kadokawa Shoten, Shueisha, Kodansha etc. On 10th DecemberI firmly refuse to participate in the Tokyo International Anime FairWe announced to announce that the proposal was revised in response to the passage of the revised ordinance.

In the newly issued protest statement, it is requested that manga / animation fans understand that it is necessary to display some intention as a position to oppose the revision of the ordinance, since the expression refusal to participate in the animation fair was required. On that basis, it is "a place where I am completely unaware of" that the publishing world has made an ambiguous amendment despite efforts, "We are going to carefully use the revision ordinance We strongly urge you to do things. "

Details are as below.
The full text of the protest statement is as follows.

On December 10, we announced an emergency statement refusing cooperation and participation in "Tokyo International Anime Fair 2011". First of all, we would like to apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the same animation fair, including animation fans. However, the reason why we had to take such action is that, in any case, in order to oppose the passage of the "ordinance revision proposal on healthy development of youths in Tokyo, In the end I was thinking that it was also for manga and animation fans all over the country. In this regard, I would like to have an understanding of the comic and animation fans.
However, although the above revision proposal was pointed out, it was eventually passed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly on December 15th. Manga artists and cartoon producers say that the revision proposal is abstract and ambiguous requirement that the creation activity may be shrunk, etc., and the voice that it is unacceptable is rising one after another. We strongly express protests against such a revision being passed.
We strongly hope that we as well as young people healthy training will be achieved. For that reason, as a self-regulation for many years, the publishing industry has been striving to display magazine marks for adults on the front cover and sticking to the small stickers at 2 places so that young people can not browse, and thoroughly sorting display at book stores and convenience stores It was. As a result, it is not the situation that "harmful books are not being piled up" as Shintaro Ishihara's governor no longer says. Even under such current regulations, such achievements are rising, it is quite difficult to understand why we need an ambiguous revision plan. Of course, we will continue to make further efforts to thoroughly implement self-regulation.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, as it was pointed out that the wording of the ordinance is unclear when passing the revision proposal, concerning the application of the clause concerning self-regulation and unhealthy book designation, "The art expressed by the creator of the work in the work "Careful operation should be taken taking into consideration the purpose such as gender, social nature, academic ability, criminal crime, etc.", the Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Sound Development Council, which conducts screening of books, In consideration of the purpose of the amended revised ordinance, we have passed an incident resolution saying that we will make efforts to ensure proper operation such as securing examination time. " We strongly urge the Tokyo metropolitan Government to conduct cautious operation of the revising ordinance in the future in accordance with the spirit of the incidental resolutions mentioned above while respecting the artist's freedom of expression and voluntary efforts of the publishing industry is. We are still in the opposite position to this revision ordinance. We will continue to positively raise issues at all times without loosing the monitoring hands on the revision ordinance and operation.

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Kadokawa Shoten PresidentRemarks on the release of anime fairMovement spread from 10 comics on 10th December 2010 (Akita Bookstore, Kadokawa Shoten, Kodansha, Shueisha, Shogakkan, Shonen School, Shinchosha, Hakusensha, Futabasha, Lido)Participation and cooperation in the Tokyo International Anime Fair is definitely refusedThanks to the intention to display it, I noticed that not only Kadokawa Shoten 's sole movement, but 10 comic magazine publishers are opposed to the Tokyo metropolitan ordinance.

Ishihara Tokyo Gov. Governor's attention was attracted attention due to refusal of Kadokawa bookstores and others who are members of the executive committee of the Tokyo International Anime Fair, but Governor Koichiro said the governor should "like it". The draft ordinance revision was approved on 15th December, and the Governor of the Governor further declared "I will be barking next year"Remarks. On the other hand, the Japan Motion Picture Association (AJA), serving as the secretariat of the animation fair, supported the statement of refusal to participate in comic 10 society,At this rate the Tokyo International Anime Fair is virtually infeasibleIt shows the view.

The publisher side does not inhibit "healthy development of young people", but as self-regulation, marks for adults are displayed on the cover of the magazine, seal is stopped so as not to be able to read, seals are displayed thoroughly , Etc., claiming that this revision proposal is not necessary, the fact that this revision proposal came out is "where I can not understand at all". In the future, we will strive to thoroughly enforce self-imposed restrictions, although we do not destroy the position of opposition to the revised ordinance, "We constantly pose a problem at the top without loosing the monitoring hands on the revision ordinance and operation I am determined to go. "

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