Comic 10 society such as Kadokawa Shoten, Kodansha, Shueisha announces refusal to join the Tokyo International Anime Fair

The other day,Kadokawa ShotenShinichiro Inoue presidentWe declare to cancel the exhibition at the Tokyo Anime Fair next yearToday, a group organized by 10 comic book publishers including Kadokawa Shoten, Kodansha, Shogakkan and Akita ShotenComic 10 Society"Issued an emergency statement,Tokyo International Anime FairWe declined to participate in the event.

In the movement of reform of the Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Sound Health Development Ordinance, discussion is proceeding without having discussions with cartoonists and animation producers, and in the course of that, Mr. Ishihara makes cartoon, animation, and their production Since the disbelief remarks to the person repeated, the comic 10 society with a strong distrusted feeling refused participation in the animation fair, which governor Ishihara served as executive chairman, with the meaning of protest It has become. For the reasons mentioned above, in the statement "To the animation fairNot goingNot "Declare cooperation / participation, refuseWe are strongly proclaiming that. "

Details are as below.
Comic 10 The full text of the emergency statement released by society is as follows.

Emergency statement
December 10, 2010

On midnight December 7, Kadokawa Shoten 's President Shinichiro Inoue announced with Twitter "TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FAIR 2011" canceled the exhibition, which caused a big reaction on the Internet in a blink of an eye.
Needless to say, the executive chairperson of the same animation fair is Ishihara Shintaro Governor of Tokyo.
Governor Ishihara repeatedly repeats dishonest and unresponsiveness remarks to manga and manga artist repeatedly about revision of "Tokyo Metropolitan Youth health regulation ordinance" this time, and is pushing the establishment of the revision proposal.
Regarding the revision of the Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Development Reform Ordinance, it is a well-known fact that many subjects have been called for as regulatory subjects are extremely ambiguous and rejected in June this year. If we make a new amendment to such a revision proposal, we should preliminarily make public the content and the clause and discuss it, but the metropolitan side has not done anything like this at this time. This revision bill has been reached today without discussion with manga artists and animation producers who should be regarded as the most important.
Also, with regard to the submitted amendment, it also treads the history of discussions between the publishing world and the city authorities so far, the subject of regulation is still vague, rather even expanding.
Given these circumstances, it is natural that cartoons and cartoonists, who are parties, have strong anger and distrust in the series of actions and amendments proposed by the metropolitan government. Ishihara Governor and the authorities should consider listening seriously to the remarks of cartoonists / animation makers who are worried about the future of manga and animation, but they are not trying to do even that, I continue to repeat dishonest remarks full of facts misunderstanding.
We are obliged to have a strong distrust of attitudes lacking respect in respect of such Ishihara governor and capital authorities for manga and animation producers.
Under these circumstances, Governor Ishihara can not absolutely agree with the animation event that the executive committee is about to hold and act together.
We firmly refuse cooperation / participation in "Tokyo International Anime Fair 2011".

that's all
Comic 10 Society
Akita Shoten Kadokawa Shoten Kodansha Shueisha Shogakkan
Shonen photoshopping company Shinchosha Shiroizumi Futaba Shimbun company Lido

Current affairs dot: refusal to participate in the Tokyo International Anime Fair = protest against the cartoon restriction plan of the city - publication 10 companies

Following Kadokawa Shoten, Shueisha, Shogakukan and Kodansha also boycotted animation fairs! - daily Saizo

As mentioned in the statement, the tweet that was inspired by Kadokawa Shoten's Inoue Shinichirou president was the following.

Twitter / Shinichiro Inoue: Now, Kadokawa Shoten decided to cancel the exhibition at the Tokyo Anime Fair next year. There was a place where I could not agree with the attitude of the city to manga artists and anime related people.

After that, Mr. Motoki Watase of the comic-based criticism editorial department "Although details can not be written, the Tokyo international animation fair is in a situation where the situation is likely to end like limitless holding. I can not write anything, but I got information that some major other than Kadokawa will cancel the exhibition.It was reported that tweets such as "Kadokawa Shoten" were canceled as well.

Today at 14 o'clockManga controversy broke outTakashi in the daytime as a word of a major publishing company executive "In some cases, cooperation in the future will be difficult for the city's cultural policy, not limited to the animation fairTweeted. Before the announcement by Comic 10 society, the governor of Ishihara prefecture gave a press conference, but Governor Ishihara, who was told from the Tokyo Newspaper that animation fair Kadokawa Shoten is not going,"If you decide yourself by yourself, you do not know whether it relates to the ordinance, please feel free."It seems to have commented.

In addition to Kadokawa Shoten, comics 10 society is participating in Akita Bookstore, Kodansha, Shueisha, Shogakkan, Shonen Shosha, Shinchosha, Hakusensha, Futabasha and Liedo. Of these, Kadokawa Shoten, Shogakkan, Shueisha areExecutive committee listIt is a series of names.

For the ordinance which is a problem, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito in favor of Congress in addition to the governor, the biggest faction and the Democratic Party who were opponents in the June votingPros and cons to the Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors agreeThe vote is made at the General Affairs Committee 13th and the regular meeting of the 15th day plenary session on the 13th.

21: 30 Update:
Comic 10 added a statement by society, and we updated the preface and text significantly.

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