The number of visitors to the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012 fell below 100,000, to 75% of the previous survey

The annual animation event "Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012" that popular animation and voice actors gather and performs various stages, movie screenings, exhibitions, etc. has ended.The day of public dayAs you saw, the number of visitors was clearly felt, but according to the figures of the official announcement, the number of visitors during this 4-day holding period was 89,923, 74.66% compared with the previous survey. It was a figure below 100,000 people.

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012

The figures released are as follows.

Looking at the number of business days for 2 days, the number of domestic visitors decreased from 24,852 in 2010 to 22,860 (compared with the previous survey 91.98%). The number of overseas visitors increased from 1204 to 1512 (125.58% compared to the previous survey). Indeed,The number of television station booths has decreased and the number of booths is decreasing and it does not exhibitOn the other hand, since booths of overseas companies such as China are increasing, the trend of the booth and the number of visitors is consistent. For the total of business days, it decreased from the last 26,963 to 24,750 (compared with the previous time 91.79%).

And, although it is a public day two day number,February 24th I realized the decrease in the number of visitors by visiting my feetWas 53,191 this year, compared with the previous time of 57,224 people (61.89%).

As is also the official report on 25thFamous wolf [GARO] Standing at the special stageWe also have gone from the stage events such as Mobile Suit Gundam AGEMore than 24 days visitorsAlthough it was 54,488 last time in the previous round, 42,478 people (78.39% compared with the previous survey). Despite having exceeded 100,000 people due to the number of visitors at public day so far, this year, it was 73,869 people, which was only 70% of the number of visitors last time.

In particular, the number of presses remarkably appeared, the number of presses (press circles), both business day and public day were about half of the previous time, and the total for 4 days totaled 682 people, 44.75% compared to the previous survey. "Newtype"My daughter TYPE"CompetitionIt is thought that Kadokawa Shoten who publishes animation related magazines such as "announcing refusal to participate in animation fair" is also one cause.

Passage in the central part crossing the venue from east 1 hole to 3 holes (taken 24th).

A place overlooking East 1 hall (taken on 24th). The right back is the kids space, the front is the Chinese company booth.

Initially, the reason for the decrease in the number of booths wasGotakota concerning the amendment of the youth health development regulations of Tokyo. Governor Ishihara is bullishly challenging the publisher side, and even when Kadokawa Shoten et al. Showed a posture not to participate in the animation fair, "I have to come next will come briefly next year" "I have not come all the way You said good, "I do not mind."

Governor Ishihara "Do not come to the animation fair, these guys do not come, so it's fine" criticized the publisher of Anime Fair Boycott: New Throw

These resultant figures areNumber of Visitors 74.66%That's why.

On March 31 and April 1 this weekend, the animation event planned mainly by publishers who refused to participate in the animation fair "Anime Content Expo 2012"Is planned to be held. Here, since the advance ticket which started selling in February has reached the number of planned sales, it is discontinued as of March 23, and even though the sale of the ticket is scheduled, viewing the stage event from now on It is impossible to do.

It is already announced that the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2013 will be held from March 21 to 24, but if you are watching this situation, it will be difficult for all companies to exhibit in the same way next year It is a lot of doubt.

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