The Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012 public day scene where the number of visitors is decreasing

March 24th and 25th are the biggest events of animation industry "Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012'S public day. Unlike yesterday's business day, stage events etc. are planned on the premise that ordinary guests will enter, and today and tomorrow is the real thing to sell.

There is also a connection between Tokyo Metropolitan Government and publishersThis year's animation fair which is different from the pastBefore the opening, a matrix was formed as usual, but the length of the queue was enough to acknowledge that the secretariat's person was also "shorter than last time", and rushed to get a numbered ticket or selling at the time of opening Although I saw opening dash for the purpose, I feel that I settled down to the level which is "easy to relax".

First I will walk toward the East Hall of Tokyo Big Sight. People's flow is fairly good.

The figure of a person who buys a ticket at the ticket sale on that day also.

The end of the queue is around this aisle. It is shorter than usual.

Still, four rows of entrance waiting queues are formed.

This is a row of people seeking a numbered ticket for the first stage event. Obviously short.

The first team entered at 9:45. Despite being stopped, there are quite a lot of people who take turnover and do opening dash.

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012 opening dash

Until the day, the place where the TV Asahi and TBS etc had was changed to the Kids area.

Business talk booths that were lined up were removed, and it was in a resting place.

People are entering more and more.

Following the flow of people, the Culture Broadcasting Booth made a long queue from quite early.

Satellite is also popular because there are goods sales such as "AKB0048" "Macross F".

People are also gathering closely at TOKYO MX.

A person who challenged mini - games was making a queue for Bushiroad.

At the Toei Animation booth, PreCure will greet the morning, children, parents and big friends gather together. It seems that there are more friends who are larger than children.

Just before the event, people gathered too far to the aisle so that entrance restriction would be done with the rope.

There are lots of people in the anime bazaar section.

Overseas TV stations (?) Were enjoying shooting.

Looking at the whole venue from the top it look like this.

Tokyo international animation fair 2012 venue birds-eye view

There are booths where people are gathered, but there was no such place that the passage was buried and did not make sense of the passage.

Bushirod's popularity which can be seen in a distant view

The vocaloid booth is a shoot tournament

Succeeding in waiting for an event TOKYO MX booth

There were too many people and entrance restrictions were put on it

People seem to be easy to gather where there is a booth event, and people who are full of sunbus booths are outside.

There are lots of people in the food area, and on the other side of the wall (back side) you can see the people waiting for the stage start.

Because of high turnover rate, smoke cooking Bang Bang was raised, the site was smoked a bit.

A lot of visitors from families and overseas came to play at the Kids' workshop studio

You can experience the work of drawing a video using the trace base

This is a coloring book

Also, a workshop was invited to invite active animation staff.

On the kids stage, which was set up separately from the main stage, a pre-cure show was held, so a waiting queue was formed.

The stage where many families also participated and was excited

I can not see it in the standing

The day of business dayIt is obvious that people are increasing compared to the public days, but people are decreasing compared to the previous public day. The passage is widened due to the reduced number of booths, it is good that it is impossible for passengers to pass because of the queue or it is good to see exhibits slowly without being disturbed by people, but the power as an event decreases There is no doubt that it is doing.

The space for the family increased this time, and I saw many families, but I could not wipe the feeling like PreCure Show + α. On the contrary, it may be said that the pretty popularity reaching a wide layer is tremendous. In the meaning of "division of living" with animation content expo, perhaps it would be better for business days to be business negotiations, public days to be divided for the family ... ....

Additional notes:
According to the official announcement, the number of visitors on 24th is 31,391 people. Since it was 57 thousand people last time, it turned out that 61.89% of the previous survey showed a significant decrease in visitors although not going to be half.

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