Doujinshi special magazine spot sale of "Kogetsu and special 5 in Mito" started, movies entering many participants

The morning report on the day before the opening and the opening day that we deliveredFollowing this, next time, a large number of participants line up at the same doujinshi sale of "Koichi and Special 5 in Mito", and we will deliver the movie with the appearance of entering.

Also, in front of the participants who are waiting for their entry now or in the future, the mysterious local hero has come down.

Details are as below.
The back door of "Ise Jonene Town North Building (former Keisei department store)" is the entrance to Doujinshi sale spot site.

The catalog is on sale next to the entrance. Please note that catalog is required for entrance this time.

A lot of people were lined up in the square in front of the "Mito Art Museum" behind the Ise Jinnai town north building.

The end of the row looks something like this.

There are also many people on the second floor part.

By the way, this is the Ise Jin - zen Town - north Bldg entrance opposite the entrance.

Many people were lined in.

Finally it will open at 11:00. People go into the throne with a thrill.
YouTube - Participants entering doujinshi sale society and special 5 in Mito

Since it is necessary to cross the pedestrian crossing to enter the hall, the row is divided at the appropriate place. This is the second volume.

The second bullet moves.
YouTube - Participants entering doujinshi sale sale 2 participants and special 5 in Mito

As the entrance begins, the procession that was on the second floor of the square in front of the art gallery begins to move slowly.
YouTube - Participants' Movement to Participate in Special 5 in Mito

Meanwhile, a mysterious hero came down to the square in front of the art gallery where many participants were lined up.

Local hero protecting Ibaraki Prefecture "Space-time warrior Ibarariger R"is.

People who watch Iberiger R.

This is the movie at the time of the descent of Iberiger.
YouTube - Spatio-Temporal Warrior Ibarariger R gets splendidly adventure and special 5 in Mito

It seems as if people gathered to see the Iberiger.

I have seen the Iberiger in front. Cool

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