Comic Market 74 A virtual experience with movies from just before opening to just after opening

Let's watch the movie from doujinshi sale event "Comic Market 74" that started at the end, this time from immediately before its opening to just after opening. Although it is famous comiket because there are many people, how many people actually are on the first day?

Playback is from the following.
Comic Market 74 This is just before opening. Anyway hot, hot, hot. Sunlight is also hard.

Matrix shifting

I entered inside while moving so ......

A state of rushing into the East 2 Hall one after another

Shot from the top of the east 1-D matrix

Furthermore, immediately after the arrival of 10 o'clock, the comic market staff members applauded all at once with crackling, followed by a low roaring sound like "gogogo ......" for a moment from distant people.

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