Doujin magazine spot sale of popular shooting game "The 6th Hakurei Shrine Example Great Festival", photographs and movies of the first train group

Doujin produced popular shooting game "Toho Project". A doujinshi doujinshi specialty dedicated to that Toho "Hakurei Shrine example large festival"Is held today at the big site, but a tremendous number of people who are aware of the greatness of popularity gathered from the beginning.

Details are as below.
Rinkai Line, in front of the convenience store next to the International Exhibition Hall station. It is before the first arrival, but there are already many people.

Station entrance before the first arrival.

Just before the first train. Staff began to gather for guidance.

The first group arriving from Shinkiba arrived. This is around 5:43 in the morning.

Some people are moving at high speeds, but the staff is guided immediately and will slowly head toward the venue.

Staff guiding with a red flashing security light.

The ticket gate is full of people.

A lot of queues in front of the station

A row headed to the venue.

Some people came alongside the line from the venue. In the latter half of the movie the next genre is heading from the station to the venue.

Many people are filled even with the third train.

It has become quite a long line already. It is not yet bright, but the time at this time is 5:57 in the morning. After this, the row moved to the east parking lot.

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