Holding soon, comic market 74 held, waiting queue is now like this

From August 15th to 17th at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight) will be held "Comic Market 74"(Hereafter, it is abbreviated as C 74), let's first see what the standby queue and matrix are like on this first day. Near the circle entrance, "Please do not run, but please hurry!

By the way, last comic market 73 (C 73) was held from Saturday, December 29th to Sunday, 31st December 2007, and the number of participating circles is approximately 35,000 (the number of applications circle is 47,000). It was 140,000 on Saturday, Saturday, Sunday 30th (Sunday), 160,000, and on the 31st (Monday) was 200,000.

Details are below.
Yurikamome International Exhibition Hall The main gate station already has plenty of people

Circle participants will go right as soon as they come out and general participants will go to the left as soon as they leave. This is a circle participant column.

Tokyo Big Site

A lot of people

This is not the last one

A lot of people

Convenience store is expanding

How many people are on this first day this time?

toilet. Wait from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

This is the second day until the old days are the first day, so female participants are quite large.

Or, most of the club participants are women, most of the general participants are men.

Pain discovery

Bike also discovered

This is a signal queue

Even the signal waits are lined up in this way

This is the state of the east parking lot general waiting queue

Entry to the east parking lot is not possible after 11 o'clock

I do not feel like going ahead from here already ... ...

There is something ......

The police officers have already arrived and were falling down


So it's from 10 o'clock so soon.

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