Conviction is given to a man preserving manga including child sexual depiction on PC


In the UK where the simple possession of child pornographic images is prohibited and subject to criminal penalties,Browse websites about child pornographyOr,Save pictures of my grandson bathed in my PCEven just doing it may cause you to be charged. In Britain, which has a strict attitude towards child pornography, this time, the man who owned Japanese manga and animation images including sexual depiction was convicted for the first time in the country.

Anime fan convicted over illegal pictures of imaginary children - Gazette Live

For a 39-year-old man who was arrested by the police on charges of storing 99 child porn images on a PC in 2012, the Tease Side Criminal Court in the United Kingdom was sentenced to 9 years in prison as a child for possession of child pornography We convicted a grace period of two years. Because all of the stored images were images of manga and animation, the man asserted that "the saved image does not hit child pornography and most of the image is available on the legal site" The judge said, "The seized image clearly evokes a human child, it is true that the real person is not involved in the image, but the image depicting the sexual activity of the child is big It has danger and is not necessary for society, "he dismissed this claim.

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The guy who was convicted at this trial has been convicted as possessing CG child pornography that resembled the game "Tomb Raider" in 2008 and ordered to join the sex offender treatment program I have history. Upon receiving a conviction in 2008, images of manga and animation including sexual depictions were preserved in addition to CG child pornography on a male PC, but in the UK until seven years in the UK Manga and animation including depiction were not regulated as child pornography, and at that time were not questioned.

Richard Bennett, who was in charge of defense at a trial held in October 2014, said, "This ruling will have a major impact on users of manga and animation, fans of manga and animation will pay great attention to future actions I have to pay for it, "he expressed his opinion on the judgment. It is the first time even in rigorous Britain to child pornography that the possession of manga and animation images including sexual description is convicted as possession of child pornography.

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In the UK, images including manga and CG depicting child genitals and sexual acts from April 2010 have been subject to criminal penalty. Meanwhile, in Japan in June 2014Revised child pornography prohibition law passed and approvedHowever, manga, animation, and CG that had been worried that "freedom of expression is threatened" is not subject to regulation.

About this attitude toward Japanese child pornography, the British newspaper The Guardian says "Japan is one of the world's largest child pornography market, since the revised child pornography prohibition law does not regulate manga and animation, it includes sexual depiction The social position of manga and animation will not change, it is not difficult to encounter sexual depictions about children in Tokyo, for example, to see a man reading manga describing girls high school students who exposed skin on the train There is alsoArticle telling backward progress against Japanese child pornographyPosted.

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Japanese comics such as manga and animation are gaining international recognition, but on the other hand, animation / manga for kids made in Japan includes "depiction of sex appeal" and selling overseas Sometimes you hear stories that are difficult, "Cool Japan (COOL JAPAN)I realize that is not easy.

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