Open question on "semi-child pornography"

"Second grade child pornography"UNICEF has brought out the meaning unknown definition of"Japan UNICEF AssociationHowever, for that campaign, consumer groups based on Internet users "MIAUAn open question sheet was issued from. How is the Japan Foundation UNICEF Association going to reply to you as a whole?

Details are as follows.
MIAU: Open Question on "Secondary Child Pornography"

MIAU first sends the following open question after giving a preface saying "We do not oppose the objective of protecting children from sexual abuse and prevention of sexual commercial exploitation damage".

1. Your goal and grounds for regulating quasi-child pornography
Do you have the view that the purpose and basis for regulating child pornography are the same?
[Yes, no]

2. (When the answer to 1. is "Yes") The purpose and basis for regulating secondary child pornography
If the purpose and rationale for regulating child pornography are the same,
Please answer the common purpose and the basis to both.

3. (When the answer to 1. is "Yes") In reality child child pornography
Child sexual commercial exploitation damage has not occurred,
Please tell us the reason why the same purpose and the same grounds are acceptable even in that case.

4. (If the answer to 1. is "No") The purpose and basis for regulating secondary child pornography
If the purpose and rationale for regulating child pornography are different,
Please describe the purpose and basis for regulating quasi-child pornography.

5. According to Dr. Esser · Querle 's report in your site,
"To see children's pornography online and to commit a contact crime (to actual children)
There is a statement that "The exact relationship with that is not clear."
In the case of seeing quasi-child pornography and committing a crime committed in reality
Do you have recognition that there is a reasonable causal relationship?
[Yes, no]

6. (If the answer in 5. is "Yes") Browse for quasi child pornography
Regarding the considerable causal relationship of actually committing a contact crime in reality,
Statistics Other documents such as the paper or demonstration result clarified from the social scientific point of view
If there is, please tell us.

7. UNICEF, Eppat and co-hosted them in 2001
The second world conference against children's sexual commercial exploitation (commonly known as "Yokohama World Conference")
Workshop "Manga is not CSEC (child sexual commercial exploitation)"
As a result, the statement of the meeting (youth appeal) was "considering cultural diversity"
One sentence of it was included. The result of this workshop and consistency of quasi-child pornography regulation
Please tell me how your organization thinks about you.

8. Society depicts children's sexual abuse for sexual purposes in animation, manga, game software, etc.
Is considered to be called "semi-child pornography". However, as a word indicating similar contents,
Ashcroft v. Freedom of Expression Freedom Federation Case of the US Supreme Court
(Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, 30 Med.L.Rptr. 1673)
There is the word "virtual child pornography" inside. "Virtual child pornography" is better
It seems that it is commonly used in Constitutional Studies etc, but why does your company say "quasi child pornography"
Please tell us why you are using, why and origin.

9. Unlawfully making quasi-child pornography illegal is an excessively wide regulation,
It is considered that there is a risk of conflict with freedom of expression.
What kind of norm (judgment criteria) do you think your freedom of expression will not be impaired?
For example, what kind of criteria is to be judged as a child, and whether to judge whether it is "sexual purpose" or not
And judgment criteria (also from features other than clothing) please tell us concretely.

That's why the deadline is March 28th this year. Are you going to answer these questions, how do you reply, or "ignore" or "banish" these unfavorable questions to themselves? The real value of the "Japan UNICEF Association" is questioned.

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