I tried making a model of a portable base station small in palm size "radio tower B ~ mobile phone antenna ~"

Tommy Tech's diorama collection (commonly known as Geocore) is a model used for the layout of the railroad model Tommy Tech develops, but there are many series guys and quite maniac things. From such a geo scoles scene accessory series, newly "Radio Tower B ~ Mobile Phone Antenna ~Since it was released, I actually made it and tried to check its performance.

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This radio tower B is a model that reproduced the base station of a mobile phone like the one in the town at 1/150. There are 2 towers for the radio tower.

Since it is possible to create 2 tower radio towers, 2 parts are prepared for each part.

Signs and instructions sticking to the tower.

The way to assemble written in the instructions is very simple.

We will immediately remove the parts from the bag and start assembling.

Firstly from antenna parts. There are five antenna parts in all.

Please be careful not to distinguish the runner part that fixes the parts and parts carefully.

Disconnected for 5 pieces completed.

Next are four control boards.

This is also separated.

Attach the body parts that are spreading widely to the foundation parts. Please use rubber type adhesive for adhesion of parts.

Bond parts to each other.

Next is the creation of the top of the radio tower.

With such a feeling, we will insert a ring-shaped part into the body part. Please be careful when inserting this ring-shaped part so that it is likely to break the most parts.

Bonding so as to hold three hoop-like parts in the antenna part.

I could bond 5 antennas.

The top of the radio tower is very easy.

It fits in until it clicks.

Assembling of each part is completed with this, only then you will only adhere.

5 Install the top of the radio tower with the antenna attached and the part at the top of the radio tower. Please use glue to attach firmly.

Bond the base and the upper ... ...

If you install antenna and control board further in favorite place, it is completion.

Size looks like this. There is a height, but the width is quite thin so it is better to secure firmly with glue.

Arrangement of control plate and antenna at the top is your choice.

Signs that can be made with seals are smaller than the home buttons on iPhone 5.

You can feel attention to details.

Creation of a radio tower is very easy, so it will be completed within 30 minutes. However, there are also fine parts so please be careful when adhering or detaching.

The fixed price of this "radio tower B ~ mobile phone antenna ~" is 1890 yen including tax,Amazon at 1190 yen article creation timeAlthough this has becomeGIGAZINE summer gift articleYou can also get from.

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