The toilet model "The 1/12 men's toilet of ours" is revived into a water washing style, the bizarist appeared, and the whole thing was released with a movie

"Our 1/12 male toiletA tough, a model of the toilet that actually makes a water-washable model flowing water appears, records its work process with animation and publishes it in Nico Nico video.

The movie that recorded the process of actually washing the model with water is as follows.

【Our men's toilet】 I tried water washing - Nico Nico video (Harajuku)

This model of 1/12 male toilet of ours is to make water actually flow, but what will we do?

The parts of our 1/12 men's toilet are as follows. There seems to be a tile wall other than this part.

It's like a toilet feeling like this.

At the top of the toilet seat, drill a hole for water to flow into the toilet seat.

Make a water path so that water flows from the back of the hole to the left and right of the toilet seat ......

If you cover with plastic plate, you can guide so that water flowing from the hole opened at the top will flow to the left and right of the toilet bowl and back.

Connect a water pipe made of a copper pipe to the hole opened at the top of the toilet bowl.

It seems that conical parts made of aluminum are fitted in the connection part between toilet seat and copper pipe.

This is a drain pipe.

By watching the water, it seems to reproduce the part called "trap" which prevents malodors and insect pests from invading from the drain pipe.

We will construct parts of the toilet model.

Looking from the other side like this.

If the lid part of the drain outlet is attached as it is, the water will not flow, so fix it with lifting the lid using wire.

The water flowing to the toilet seems to be supplied using a kerosene pump.

Cut the pipe section and take out the underwater pump section from the tip of the kerosene pump.

Submerged pump which gray object on the right side of the screen took out from kerosene pump. Attach the rubber cap and the discharge pipe part to the cut cord

Just like this, it feels like this. The copper pipe which is a little out from the side of the gray cord is the discharge pipe.

To check the operation put a pump in the water and run the electricity, water was spilled out from the discharge pipe.

Actually connecting with the toilet parts and running the water ......

Although water flows, the water droplets are large and the cleaning performance seems not to be very high. What's wrong with this size feeling?

Like pushing a button by pushing waterFlash bubbleIt is difficult to reproduce the 1/12 model, so it seems to make a mechanism for water flow in other ways.

For other methods, use a reflective infrared photosensor to flow water electronically.

Attach the board incorporating "photosensor" "sensitivity adjustment VR" "pump driver" on the back of the wall ...

Overall controlArduinoCompatible Gakken "Japanino"use.

Secure space for installing toilet bowl and sensor on the tile wall. Paste a white tape on the recessed part of the tile.

There is also a swelling of the piping part for overflow which is attached so that the water does not overflow on the back of the washstand.

However, since there was no critical overflow drain, I drilled a hole and reproduced the drain. This washbasin is a simple model and water never flows, but the creator sticks to details.

Combining the whole is like this. How does it work together?

Mirror and wash basin are attached with double sided tape. "Unfortunately the washbasin is a dummy and the water does not flow", but I forgot that it is strange that water flows into the 1/12 model in the first place.

Fit the smoke acrylic board in the upper part of the toilet and create the sensor window.

Attach the photo sensor and the base board to the back side of the window of the sensor.

The submersible pump is set in a tank.

In order to pump water from the submerged pump, set the entire toilet model created higher than the pump and connect each part.

The back side of the toilet is overflowing with many foundations and cables.

This completes the men's toilet.

When you hold your hand before the sensor, the LED lights up ... ...

When the hand leaves, the pump operates for a certain period of time and water flows.

It seems that the momentum is strong and the water is repelling quite a bit.

Color the water with ink, making the water easier to see.

The producer seems to be able to make a move, so in order to smooth the flow of water, when washing the photographic film or photographic paper with waterChemicals that make it difficult for water droplets to formInto water.

A little water bubbles, but the flow of water became smoother and better than before.

Water will flow into the drain outlet firmly.

Looking from the back, it looks like this. You can see that water is flowing out of the drain pipe.

For the purpose of water saving, we set a dead time of 1 second so that the pump does not operate with sensor sensing for a short time. If you are sticking to the attention so far, you can clearly see the love of the creator of the toilet.

I'm typing in code to set a dead time of 1 second.

actuallyZaku only for CharIt seems to try a toilet. When standing in front of the toilet for a certain period of time the LED lights up ......

If you leave the spot, the sensor turns off, the pump runs and water flows out.

BGM has an idol master at Hatsune Miku "Do you know?"Honey Knights"Oh Chin Ching"use.

It reproduces the flush toilet to detail and you can feel the love of the producer's strong toilet. In addition, our 1/12 male toilet used in this videoAmazon with tax 1558 yenIt is available for purchase.

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