I went to a fancy bar "Icebarcelona" where I can drink in the freezing world

Shops where you can drink juice or cocktails in a minus 10 degree room with walls, chairs and sculptures made of iceIcebarcelonais. This timeWMC 2013I got the opportunity to go near this shop in Barcelona, ​​Spain, so I decided to actually experience the freezing world by entering an ice room like a freezer.


There is a shop along the coast,Releasing Firefox OSIt is close to the Hotel Arts Barcelona (left in the photo) where was done.

Although it is a good location facing the beach overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, there was not anyone swimming at the time of the visit because it was still cold.

The sign of the shop is written only as "icebar", and if it is from the outside it looks unexpected that the ice world is spreading inside the shop.

If you look closely at the signboard, you can imagine how the inside looks because the photos of the people wearing the warm clothes are on it.

People looking inside from the inside look like this.

A normal chair and table at the place just in front of the entrance.

There is an ice room in the back of the shop, and a special counter and warm clothes are prepared in front of that.

If you pay 15 euros (around 1800 yen) you can get a ticket to put in an ice room with 1 drink. If you have a credit cardOfficial websiteIt costs 12 euro (about 1200 yen) if you make a reservation in advance. Also, even children can pay entrance if they pay 7.5 euros (around 864 yen) until 23 o'clock in the evening.

When I get a ticket, I wear a Mokomoko coat.

Gloves can also be lent. Please note that these winter clothes are all included in the ticket fee, so there is no need to pay separately.

The end of this door is an ice room.

All the walls, counters, chairs and objects are made of ice. In addition, it is said that the room temperature is set to minus 2 to 10 degrees, and although it is not so cold that the ear hurts, it has become a temperature where you can feel the air that you have been hiny enough even if you are wearing exclusive warm clothes .

CG animation "Ice Age"The movie is showing.

Fur is laid on the chair, but just sitting for 2-3 minutes will cool down the body and body.

Since the floor is made of irregular iron plate rather than ice, there is no worry of slipping with slippers.

Ice statue of a bearish feeling.

T - shirts and hats of original goods are on exhibition.

A counter made of chunks of ice cabbage.

Attractions in BarcelonaSagrada FamiliaIce sculpture with a motif.

You can see that it is a fairly clear ice block when viewed nearby.

An object that confined petals in an ice block.

The back of the counter looks like this.

After entering the ice room for a while, the bartender will come and make a drink.

The cup was made of ice, but there was nothing like sticking the lips.

I tried putting the glass on the ice table that confined the flowers.

That's why it's a bit of a strange place to enjoy the freezing world while in Spain where there is a cheerful southern country image, so it may be a good memory to visit when traveling or on a business trip. In addition, it seems there was a shop where drinks can be drunk in the shop that decorated with ice called "Ice Bar Tokyo" in Japan,According to the eating log it is closed nowIt seems to have been done.

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