The world's most beautiful bookstore "Livraria Lello" had a different world like SF fantasy spreading

Built in 1996,Neo · GothicWith styleEarl Nouveau,Earl DecoIt is said that one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world is creating a fantastic space like a magical world or a different world by multiplying multiple architectural styles "Livraria Lello"is. I had the opportunity to actually go, so I've been watching the inside thoroughly.

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You can see what kind of world is waiting when entering the bookstore from the following movie.

Practice inside the store to the world's most beautiful bookstore "Livraria Lello" - YouTube

Livraria LelloThe world's most majestic McDonald 'McDonald Imperial'There is a bookstore in Portugal 's city · Porto.

Porto has many colorful buildings, but the vivid and delicate pictures that draw eye out are drawn among them. The facade is neo ·Manuel style.

Since I had purchased a reservation ticket in advance, when presenting a barcode and entering the building ......

At the moment I stepped in one step I was overwhelmed and had a beautiful space spreading like breathing.

The 360 ​​degree image is as follows.

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The building is two stories high. When it stood in the middle of the first floor, bright sunlight was inserted from the stained glass on the ceiling.

On the ceiling of the first floor is a fine wooden decoration that is about to start moving as a gear.

At the moment I entered the shop, I found a lot of people who looked stupidly near the entrance, thinking that everyone stopped thinking with their feet stopped unexpectedly.

When taking a picture in the shop with panorama like this.

Looking back at the entrance from a place where I went a little inside, I feel like this.

A staircase of a unique shape was set behind the shop.

As I go up, it is divided into two on the way, so that I can turn to enter the entrance direction.

You can see details of stairs etc from the following.

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A register counter behind the stairs.

If you look closely, there is something like a track on the floor ......

There was a dolly next to the cashier that would run on the railroad track. With this, it is easy to carry a large number of books, and there is no worry of hitting the carts against a bookshelf or the like.

Looking at the stairs from the checkout counter, you can understand its structure.

The work on the back side of the stairs was also very fancy.

I will go forward for a while. Go up the red staircase ......

It turns and turns around at the landing. The stained glass on the ceiling approached.

The 360 ​​degree image is from the following.

Post from RICOH THETA. -Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Looking down from the landing of the stairs looking back in the shop and the counter counter, it looks like this.

And the direction of the entrance of the shop looks like the following.

I stayed from 15:30 to around 16:30, but there are times when people are few and easy to move depending on the time of day, and when visitors come to visit and it is difficult to move through the aisle. When photographing this picture it was relatively easy for people to spend less time.

That's why the second floor is like this.

This is a panoramic image on the second floor.

You can check 360 degree images from here.

Post from RICOH THETA. -Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Stairs are installed in the middle, and depending on the direction of viewing you can see as a bridge of suspension is hanging.

Looking down from the second floor, the stairs look like this.

On the stained glass, the word "Decus in Labore" which means "pride in work" in Latin is engraved.

The design of the ceiling is different from the first floor.

A tray pattern is drawn on the pillar and I will forget the time because I look carefully wherever I look at it.

There were a total of 6 sofas on the 2nd floor. It is possible to examine the book firmly here.

Customers who read a book by touching one sofa and touch a smartphone.

Also, I went upstairs and I could see the workmanship of the ceiling at hand.

I miss the interior of the building in spite, but of course there are books too. In the building like a magical world is the Portuguese version of Harry Potter series and ... ...

Travel guidebook.

Books related to foods and drinks such as alcohol and coffee

Picture book

It seemed that we focused on art-related books, when we made the inside of the store.

There are, of course, many tourists who have come to see the building, but I saw many people who are coloring books. There was a store clerk on the side of the desk with books and it was also impressive to exchange information on books and recommended books they are looking for.

The book was lined up on the desk and inside the leg like this.

Also, Livraria Lello's original diffuser ......

Notes etc were also sold.

Old books are lined up in the bookshelf on the wall ... ...

At this time, the clerks were using the ladder to change work. This seems to be a unique scene of Livraria Lello.

So, once you stepped in, you forgot the time and got to see it, and the extraordinary feeling spreading out that you do not want to go out too much wonderfully spread. It is exactly a dubious time-thief bookstore so it's not a very tight schedule, it's a good idea to stay with plenty of time.

Livraria Lello limits the number of entrants, so if you want to enter without waiting it is better to purchase booking tickets from the website. The ticket for purchasing on the web is 5.5 euro (about 740 yen), you can purchase tickets for 4 euros (about 540 yen) at the site on site only by booking time. In addition, it seems that there were times when it was temporarily banned for photography, but as of December 2017 it was possible to take pictures freely.

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