I tried to enjoy a chill-out space like a secret base at "Tachikawa Manga Paku" which is an all-you-can-eat 4,000 cartoons a day

In the space like Showa's private house combining tatami and wood, you can read about 40,000 cartoons per day for 400 yen per day "Tachikawa Manga Paku"is. For a manga lover that likes as much as you like, relaxing as if you are relaxing and watching cartoons as much as you want, while sweetening the sweets in a secret base-like space like a push-in, in a space like a dream It is said that it is becoming, so I actually tried going.

Tachikawa Manga Paku

The address of Tachikawa Manga Paku is 2-26 Nishikikacho 3-chome Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, 10 minutes walking distance from JR Tachikawa station.

While walking hard,Tachikawa Child Future CenterArrival in.

At the entrance is the letter "Open Cafe Cafe · Manga". Tachikawa Manga Paku is located on the 2nd floor of the Tachikawa City Children Future Center.

So, go inside ... ...

Go up the stairs and head for the second floor.

As I climbed the stairs, I found Tachikawa Manga Paku immediately.

The opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 8 pm on weekends and holidays.

The inside map map looks something like this. The fee is 400 yen for adults (15 years old and over), 200 yen for children (elementary and junior high school students), and infants (less than elementary school students) for free.

So, go inside.

When I entered, I first found a locker that leaves my shoes.

Lockers for adults are like this.

Each locker has a key with admission card ... ...

When putting a fee into the coin slot of the locker, it is in the shape that can acquire the key and admission card.

Hold the admission card to the gate and go inside.

The interior of Tachikawa Manga Paku is a combination of tatami and boarded flooring and wooden furniture, and it feels like a private house in Showa era, somewhat nostalgic while being refreshed. Manga tea ceremonies and Internet cafes in the building may feel a sense of blockage, but Tachikawa Manga Paku incorporates natural light, and it was also impressive that the atmosphere is bright and open.

You can check the inside of the building from the following movie.

Unlimited reading of 40,000 books at 400 yen a day "Tachikawa Manga Paku" - YouTube

Manga is the main book in the library, but there are also picture books and magazines for children. The picture book is sliding on the bench of the letter C.

As we move on and on ...

To the space where shelves lined up lined up.

Between the bookshelf and the bookshelf there was also a wooden bench & cushion so that you could sit on the spot and color the book you care about.

Also, everywhere there is a block like a secret base like a playground, like building blocks.

Details of the block can be seen from the following movie.

Relaxing space of "Tachikawa Manga Paku" like a secret base - YouTube

I get the book I want to read on the bookshelf, and enjoy the comic books in a small space.

Two women were in a small space when looking closely. Inside is a place like Doraemon which seems to be sleeping, and there seems to be a desk.

Some people are lying on the ground.

In this block ......

Although they came together, there were also two people who fully immersed themselves in their own space with a space divided completely.

It will be read at that time during the day "Switch girl !!"Is placed.

We also found a display for catalog retrieval as found in the library.

It is very convenient because you can search for books you want to read crisply.

What kind of books are there? So I tried to look at the bookshelves. The bookshelf is categorized like a bookstore, and when I look at the shelf of "general manga" ......

"Mask of glass"Berserk"Patarillo!"The masterpiece is slick. Tachikawa Manga Paku has tied up with a book store, and in addition to past masterpieces, he says that he is picking information from his bookstore to obtain information on popular works from time to time. In addition, we are accepting requests from users, and we have books that people think "I would like to read" mainly on the two pillars of "information from bookstore" and "user's request" It seems to be.

So,Manga Award 2015Awarded works ... ...

"My Story!!"Someday breakfast at TiffanyThere was also a shelf in which features of seasonal cartoons are assembled, such as works in which imaging has become a topic.

In addition to general Manga, there are categories such as "science, technology, industry" ... ...

There are categories of "business · qualification · politics · economy". In the business · qualification · political · economic shelf, "Workman"Lawyer scraps"KurosagiThere was a place such as.

Further heading to the event corner at the back ... ...

The space of learning manga was spreading. Since tables and chairs are also set up, I can also study.

From the "history of Japan" series that is likely to be in the library of the school on the bookshelf ... ...

"BASARA"Or"VagabondThere was also such as etc. In addition, Tanikawa Manga Paku has also put emphasis on learning cartoons, in October 2015Nippon FoundationAnnounced "This is learning manga too! ~ World Discovery Project ~"100 books are all collected. Besides, there are only three places in all 100 works in the whole country.

That's why I took a manga ... ....

To a small space like a secret base.

As I entered, it was supposed to be lighted.

When I actually went inside, it seemed snugly, it became a space with plenty of room and I could spend relaxingly. There is no door, but there is a partition so there is no need to worry about the eyes, and eating and drinking in the reading space is OK so it seemed as if you were comfortable relaxing as if you were at home.

If you fall asleep all the time, you fall into an illusion like "After school you are spending a while getting ready for comics while eating sweets at the grandma's house."

Also, next to the bookshelf and the reading space, there was a cafe space where four people 's table and chairs were lined up.

The table looks something like this.

It is also possible to order food at the counter next to the cafe space.

Looking at the ticket vending machine ......

From curry, fried rice, fried noodles, ramen, etc., from a snack-based meal menu, things like rice and edamame, liquor's thumb.

If you look closely, you could purchase beer and highballs too.

Water is free.

There was also a mini kitchen.

We also found a vending machine. The vending machines are outside the cafe space, but it was unique that the wooden boards are installed on the floor so that drinks can be bought around the vending machines without wearing shoes.

Once I turned around the facilities, I was about to return to my secret base again ...

I found a pink basket. "Because you used this basket on the terrace for reading," ...

I went out to the terrace with comics.

Because it was an early time on weekday, when I visited the interview, there were few people, I got to read carefully under warm sunshine under warm sunshine.

So, Tachikawa Manga Paku has a volume of manga and relaxation space that can not be read in a day, eating and drinking is also free, and because prices do not change with time, it is quite possible to spend time with time Possible. It seems that some people come with blankets etc. fully equipped, but it was comfortable enough to consent unexpectedly. It is recommended for people who want to spend time relaxingly reading, spending the coming season of autumn deepening.

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