I went to a park in London where there is greenery in the big city

A lot of parks are dotted in the city, including the public Royal Park, which is open to the public, and we often see people who are doing lunch breaks, walks, soccer etc. Park seems to be indispensable for the citizens of London, and there is a small and small park in Japan, but what kind of thing is the giant park in London is actually "Hyde Park"St. James's Park"Golden SquareI went to see it.

Hyde ParkBig BenPrince William and Catherine's wedding ceremony were held in 2012Westminster AbbeyIt spreads west from Westminster district where there is.

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Arrived at the entrance of Hyde Park.

When I passed through the gate I found a map of Hyde Park. Hyde Park is 350 acres (1.4 kilometers square meters) and is one of eight Royal Parks in London.

I will walk on foot.

There are flowerbeds and lawn that are well maintained in the road, some people are slow on the lawn.

Every few meters, electric lamps are installed, so it seems that it will not be dark at night.

A girl who eats a snack while chatting by the flowerbed.

Some trees planted plenty of them had strange shapes.

A stall that you can buy hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks, etc. that are open at the street.

A person walking a dog on a large site.

There are people who encourage jogging ......

Children playing soccer.

A person sleeping alone.

Young people enjoying inline skating.

Some also raised placards and were doing protests of something.

Basically all except the sidewalks are lawns, and everyone spends time of thought on the grass.

Hyde park also has a playground space for small children.

There is a slide ... ....

There is also a swing in the park in Japan.

I found just beside the playground space for children is a dedicated trash bin for dogs.

A large pond through the wide grass area "Serpentine · Lake"Came out. The lawn area seems to continue also on the other side of the pond.

On the opposite bank there is a boat shop for rent, and boats can be borrowed.

The pond said that swimming is prohibited.

Swans were elegantly drifting above the water.

There is a bridge on the west side of the pond, and it has a very emotional atmosphere.

The state of Serpentine · Lake can be confirmed from the following movie.

Hyde Park and Serpentine Lake - YouTube

On the banks of the pond are cafe scattered, and you can purchase drinks and snacks.

Some people are bringing dogs in the cafe, and they feel pretty free.

On this day the terrace seats facing the pond for the fine weather are full.

Some people are entertaining beer and wine at the terrace seat from the daytime, which is a fun atmosphere.

When I was walking toward the west on the south side of the pond, I saw a gate and I found a place to be inside.

In the gate was built for the late Diana "Diana Princess Memorial fountainBecause it is said that there is ", I will try to enter the place quickly.

Taking in, the child is playing in the water.

Princess Diana memorial fountain feels like a thin circular flowing pool, rather than a fountain that sprays water. It is designed to be enjoyable not only by looking at the fountain designed with the motif of the late Diana's soul and love for children, but also by touching the water.

The fountain seems to be designed with the child playing in mind, there are undulating relief ......

The width suddenly becomes thin, there are irregularities.

The part where the water depth is suddenly deepened.

There are places that are designed in staircase shape, so it seems to be a very enjoyable place for families with children.

Actually the child's family playing with the Diana Princess Memorial fountain can be confirmed from the following movie.

A state that a family member with children is playing with Princess Diana memorial fountain - YouTube

Next to Hyde Park is the Royal Park called St. James' Park, located in the Westminster area.

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I came to the entrance of St. James' park.

Running to the road before the entrance ... ....

Looking at the left,Elizabeth IIofOfficial residenceIsBuckingham Palacethere is.

Because the palace of Elizabeth II is near, around the parkNear guardI saw him.

Saint James Park also has a pond in the center of the park as well as Hyde Park, but it is not named.

Even at Saint James Park, people who are sleeping on the lawn or who are taking lunch are quite large.

Cross the bridge over the pond in the park to the south, walk to the east along the pond toward the east.

The scenery looking at the west side from the top of the bridge looks something like this, you can not see high-rise buildings from the park.

From the top of the bridge you can see the east side,Ferris Wheel London Eye.

To the left of the London Eye a littleHorse · GersThe building called Pretty looks beautiful.

When crossing the bridge and like this, there were many animals in the grass area on the side of the pond.

I am in the park all over the place.Tobu Hiyoris.

A very talented Toub Hi Hirosu will come shortly as soon as he reaches out for thinking that he can get bait.

You can check the appearance of Toub Hi Hirosu from the following movie.

Toub Hi Hiroshi gets closer - YouTube

The waterside of the pond, duck was the color never seen or ......

I also found Pelican.

Waterfowl with head protruding a little.

Lawn spreads to the south side of the pond, and the figure of a woman who sleeps while leaning on the tree.

I found a small house behind the pond so I will go to the east side of the park to go look.

Looking outside the park from the entrance in the east of St. James' s Park, it was noticed that I was in the middle of the city with such a feeling.

As I passed the East entrance I arrived at the house I saw earlier. This house has "Duck Island CottageIt was named St. James's Park and was stationedBird keeperIt seems to be the house where the bird manager lived.

Currently it is used as an office.

Stopping a little and looking around, it is very quiet and it seems to forget that you are in the middle of the city.

When walking toward the exit, I found a place where I planted colorful flowers.

By the way, all the toilets in the park were temporary toilets.

Finally, it is downtownSohoI will go to the small park located in the middle of the district Golden Square. .

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While walking in the Soho area ...

A small park surrounded by trees, Golden Square came out.

I will quickly look through from the entrance.

The Golden Square has rules that are different from the previous Hyde Park etc and there is a rule that you should not feed pigeons.

Although walks of dogs are okay, it is written that garbage should be cleaned.

When entering inside like this, the benches are lining around the square.

Also on the other side is a bench.

The view that can be seen from inside the park is such a feeling, it is not that it is a very large space, but the building that is built around is not a high rise so it did not receive the cramped impression so far.

In the middle of the parkGeorge II of EnglandThere is a stone statue of.

All the benches installed in the park use wooden things that are dry and hard to rot.

On the back of the bench is embedded a plate engraved with "name" "life", "occupation" etc. Actually, it is very popular that the bereaved family donate a bench to the place where the deceased you visited often in the living in England, and this bench is also believed to be donated by the bereaved people.

There was a table tennis table at Golden Square.

A note has been written on the table tennis table, "Please return the racket and chase the ball properly".

Besides, it says "Can not find an opponent? Invite people around that place to see it."

Although Golden Square is in the middle of downtown, it is wrapped in silence and it is feeling like an urban oasis.

Despite the fact that the park in London is in the city, it had a natural landscape with lots of greenery. Also, Hyde Park and St. James Park are pretty big parks and it seems to be okay if you spend the whole day. The park was sleeping alone in the park, drinking alcohol, reading books, individuals were free and the park became a place for relaxation for the London citizens.

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