An open lounge emerges on the road in the city of Switzerland with no ceiling or walls

It seems that there is a lounge like relaxingly relaxing and drinking a little bit in the town of Sankt Gallen in Switzerland. This seems to have been made as a design competition announcement, it uses a rather large space and it is a very open atmosphere, but it is hard to relax even if it is said that you can relax in the public place.

Details are as follows.
Raiffeisen Internet - Raiffeisen Gruppe - Raiffeisen Gruppe - stadtlounge

This is in 2005St. GallenIt was made in the financial district of. I'm making a lounge on the road by spreading red carpet on one side.

It sounds like a set of movies.

It is slightly creepy when it is unmanned.

This is like contemporary art.

Somehow a red covered car.

It seems that it was installed like this.

Other pictures can be seen from the following.

Citylounge - archipedia

Begegnungszonen in der Schweiz

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