Pictures of the Austrian glass-faced prison which can be seen from the distance from the museum

It is a picture of a prison that looked like an art museum or a citizen hall with glass in Austria. As a facility it is not only a prison but also a courtroom and it should be called a judicial center.

This building is located in the town of Leoben in Austria and it is said to be officially used from March 2005. When the weather is nice, it is a building that you can feel calm and feel calm.

Details are as follows.
Hohensinn architektur | justizzentrum leoben

It emerges at night.

Long corridor with a sense of cleanliness.

Glass beside the floor is also glass-clad.

Nikko and the sun go down.


It looks like an ordinary conference room.

The interior seems to be quite comfortable space.

A place where people can drink coffee.

Training room.

I am enjoying playing table tennis, but in the window behind it is a grill of iron.

There is also a gymnasium.

Remind the barbed wire to be a prison.

Strictly closed doors.

A prison officer is in place.

The site of this building designer is below.

Hohensinn architektur

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