Publish a tour that allows Google to experience a prison where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for many years

apartheidFormer President of the Republic of South Africa who worked hard to abolishNelson MandelaHe was imprisoned for 18 years agoRobben Island PrisonYou can see the state of the online tour "Robben Island Prison Tour"Was released on the Google Cultural Institute that supports the preservation and dissemination of cultures online. In the tour, it is possible to know the state of the time with photographs, street view, and interviews of the parties.

Robben Island Prison Tour - Google Cultural Institute

Walk in the footsteps of South Africa's freedom fighters

After graduating from university, former President Mandela entered the African National Congress and threw himself into the anti-apartheid campaign, whose activity was questioned by treason treason, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964 and imprisoned in the prison of Robben Island . Even after being transferred to Polsmore Prison in the outskirts of Cape Town in 1982 prison life continued and was finally imprisoned for 27 years until it was released in February 1990. Robben Island is an island located about 12 km off the coast of Cape Town, the prison closed in 1996. Currently it is open to the public as a museum and it is also registered as a World Heritage Site.

The "Robben Island Prison Tour" released this time is the South African Republic'sFreedom DayIn cooperation with the Robben Island Museum and the Nelson-Mandela Foundation, in conjunction with the February 27th.

The tour is made so that you can see Robben Island by seeing the page in order. Basically just by going to the next page with the right key of the cursor key OK.

Firstly from the place to arrive at the island. Mr. Mandela spent 18 years on this island of the 27 years of imprisonment life. Now that it is a museum, it has become one of the leading sights in South Africa, and many people visit the mainland over 40 minutes by boat.

Gate leading to prison. Because it is a street view rather than a picture, you can also go through the map.

A building in a flat shop looking to the front is a prison, and a high tower on the left is a monitoring tower. On some pages, YouTube's movies are embedded and you can listen to the comments by the parties.

Finally, I will go to prison.

Inside the door. There was a small peep window and I checked visitors before unlocking.

This is the courtyard.

And to Mr. Mandela 's imprisoned solitary cell.

In the tress of just 2 meters square, I spent 18 years from 1964 to 1982.

While being imprisoned, labor of limestone mining was imposed.

Picture of Mr. Mandela taken on 25 April 1977.

The tour also includes introductions of prison cafeteria and football stadium, and it is made to understand what kind of place it was. However, all explanations except English are English.

Apart from the tour, there are also pages that can see indoor street view and exhibit items together.

Robben Island - Google Cultural Institute

For example, if you choose "Mr. Mandera's Cell" (Mr. Mandela's cell) in Street View ... ...

As you can see the inside of the room can be confirmed around.

A table placed at your feet

Looking down on the street view taken downwards, I feel the narrowness of this room again.

Looking from the outside like this

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