Nazi · Germany's hideout is discovered in a remote protected nature reserve

ByJames Vaughan

After the Second World War, I won the defeatNazis · GermanyThe GuardAdolf EichmannYaErich HebekeIt is known to have fled to Argentina. From the Argentina's secluded nature reserve, a ruin was discovered that seemed to be a Nazi / German hideout where a 3 meter high wall was struck.

Argentine archaeologists probe 'Nazi hide-out' for clues - BBC News

The beginning of the matter was that Daniel Shabelson, a researcher at the University of Buenos Aires, discovered German coins cast in the Second World War era near the ruins deep inside Argentina's natural park. In the ruinsAdolf HitlerAidesMartin BormanMr. Schavelzon did a survey of ruins to find out the truth, as it was a place rumored to be lurking among people living in the neighborhood.

According to Mr. Shaberson, the ruins enclose all three buildings with a fence of up to 3 meters long and tells us that it is "an incredible scale" as a building in a remote secluded nature reserve. However, the ruins are in places that are very difficult to access, and it is difficult to reach without knowing the precise location of the ruins. From inside the German coin made between the 1930s and 1940s and the German potteryMeissenIt was found that it was a building built as a retreat in Nazi · Germany.

Since Nazi escapists in Germany were free to live in urban areas of Argentina, Mr. Shaberson said, "Although they made a hideout, they would not have been used". Also, as Borman's remains are discovered in Berlin in 1998, as evidenced by DNA appraisal, Mr. Shaberson denies the city legend that Bormain was hiding in the ruins.

A movie that shot the ruins has been released and can be seen from the following.

Secret Nazi lair found deep in Argentine jungle - YouTube

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