The paintings that were exhibited in California's tourist attractions turned out to be Nazi spoilage, and they were returned to the descendants of Holocaust victims

The newspaper king became a model of the movie "Citizen Kane"William Randolph HurstIs a vast castle built in San Simeon, California "Hearst Castle(Hurst Castle)Is now managed by the stateUnited States National Historic BuildingAlthough it is one of them, it is obvious that 3 Nazi's 16th century paintings decorated on the wall of Hurst's Castle were unfairly purchased from the Jewish art dealer during the Second World War It was decided that two of them will be returned to descendants.

Details are as below.Holocaust heirs getting Hearst Castle paintings

Hurst Castle inside.

Rosa and Jackob's Oppenheimer and his wife, who had been working as a gallery in Berlin, escaped from Germany to France after receiving the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s, Mr. Jakob was Nice in 1941, Rosa was occupied German Army In 1943 he died in Auschwitz. These three paintings seem to have been something the couple had to sell at unfairly cheap prices when they left Germany.

Newspaper king Hurst bought these paintings in 1935, but he said that he did not know the circumstances of the paintings to sell. Since then, in March 2007, after the death of Hurst 's death in March 2007, the agent of the heirs of the Oppenheimer' s and the cousin of Mr and Mrs. Oppenheimer inquired to California state where the painting was handed over with Mr. Hurst 's death, hence the heirs of the couple It seems that it was decided to be returned to Peter Bloch living in Florida state and Inge Blackshear resident in Buenos Aires.

The painting to be returned is called "a portrait of a beard gentleman"Giovanni CarianiA portrait of a man with a book to be made,TintiletTwo points of portrait of Venetian nobility Alvise Vendramin by faction. Another pointParis BordoneAlthough the faction 's work "Venus and Cupid" was also of Oppenheimer and his wife, it remains in Hurst Castle and will be displayed as usual with two other copies.

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