How was gorgeous and conspicuous "golden picture frame" made? The flow of art understood from the picture frame

The picture frame for decorating pictures and photographs is a functional item that originally decorates the picture on the wall without damaging the picture itself, it should be "existence of a shadow to complement the picture", but now it is a "tool" Various decorations are given to the frame itself which should be. In France, gorgeous golden picture frames have been made especially from the Middle Ages, but what kind of history is there in the picture frame that has changed as the exhibition is held?HyperallergicIt is summarized.

A French History of Gold, Gilded, and Fancy Frames

America / Los AngelesJ · Paul · Getty Museum of ArtThe picture of the exhibition at the picture frame was as follows. Only a gorgeous, three-dimensional golden picture frame on a gray wall is aligned with the slurry.

The picture frame decorated on the wall is called "Louis style". In France from the 17th century to the 18th century,Louis XIII,Louis XIV,Louis XV of,Louis XV of the worldFour people ruled, but "golden picture frame" gilded with gold foil was made in this era.

From 1610 to 1792, the style and taste of art has changed greatly in France, and the change can be confirmed through the picture frame.

For example, while Louis XIII preferred Italian style picture frames, Louis XIV preferred a golden picture frame with as precise sculpture as possible. In addition, Louis XIV who was called the King of the Sun was said to be a flashy king who made the heyday of the kingdom, so it is said that the picture frame likes gorgeous things. In the age of Louis XV that followed, the decoration of the picture frame became a little reserved, but still sculptures were still given. And it seems that Louis XVI, which eventually was executed at the French Revolution, did not like the artistic solemnity much.

In 1723, Paintings drawn in the early reign of the King Louis XV and its picture frame. It has a magnificent baroque atmosphere and is a gorgeous frame.

This was also drawn in the rule of rule of Louis XV, but it is seen as a work from 1739 to 1741, and you can see that the picture frame has changed considerably in a curvilinear fashion. In the era of XVI, the Rococo tone has become popular, and a curved frame picture using seashells and jewels has come to be made.

The French Revolution has occurred and is a gorgeous picture frame forgotten at a time but in the 19th centuryNapoleonIn the era of governance, the Louis XV style will be touched again. And at the end of the 19th century, the frame which was popular in the era of Louis XIII to Louis XVI, such as the flat Italian style frame with acanthus leaf ornament, will be used for people of Impressionism as "Louis style" So the "golden picture frame" which is still used today has become established in the world.

Since the picture frame is for fixing the picture, "original" if it is "inconspicuous" is the condition with the most excellent frame. However, since the picture frame of Louis style is closely related to the picture, at the museum it is trying to "decorate paintings on the correct picture frame". "The picture frame is indispensable for the exhibition of paintings, but in particular paintings drawn before 1900 will become very important because it changes the visual impact of painting with one picture frame," David Gaspalot of J · Paul · Getty Museum of Art said.

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