"80's design" It was one design group that produced unique geometric patterns & vivid colors and shocked the world

Combinations of colorful colors and geometric patterns that come to mind when I heard "Design of the 80's" were not gradually becoming popular, but one design group shocked the world at the exhibition It was the start. YouTube's movie shows when, where, and how the distinctive designs seen in clothes, miscellaneous goods, interior etc. are still born.

The origin of the '80s aesthetic - YouTube

The trend of design varies with the times. For example, in the 1950's it looked like this ... ...

In the 1960's it was colorful and repeated pattern design was great.

In the 1970s it was a disco style.

In the 1980s geometry, bright colors, radio cassis, aerobics, cars that make the future feel, etc. will appear.

It was also around this time that a unique hair style was popular.

Is it possible to specify when, who, and how the trend of the '80s was created?

Museum of Arts and DesignAccording to Glenn Adamson of the curator and writer, the origin of the design of the 1980s was the designer group, mainly of Ettle Sottsas, who was an Italian architect and industrial designerMemphisI can not think of anything other than that.

Male photo is Ettle Sottsas. On the evening of 16th December 1980, when young designers and architects gathered at his house and drank alcohol, the "Memphis Group" was formed and each design work was brought together and brought together in 1981 2 I will reunite with the moonThings that he promised.

Memphis has a stronger influence than any design group that existed in the past and has had a major impact on postmodern design for about 10 years.

Many members of Memphis were Italians, but designers and architects from Japan, France, UK, Austria and America also existed.Shiro KuramataMr,Masanori UmedaMr,Isozaki ShinMr. also joined Memphis.

"Memphis" is the name of a city in the state of Tennessee, USA, but the activity base of the designer group "Memphis" is Italy's Milan. The name of Memphis comes from Bob Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again" (Memphis Blues Again).

Memphis was born from "Radical Design" which was continued in Italy since the 1960s.

This radical design is a movement that arises as a rebounding against modernism seeking a minimal and practical beauty.

Due to the epidemic of radical design, designers are now able to express freely, such as distracting from functionality and designing with distortion and twist.

According to The Guardian article of the time, Mr. Sottsus, who was the center member of Memphis, placed distance from the modernists of the design world, so that members of Memphis can create "unpredictable" works without being bound by rules I said that it was.

Mr. Peter Shire, an American artist who took part in Memphis, said, "We wanted to be excited and we wanted to be uneasy and experience the thrill."

Memphis first appeared in Milan's design fair in 1981.

At that time, the work was given a name taken from a prestigious hotel such as "Ritz Carlton" "Sheraton".

Of course this is a joke. I applied the plastic laminate and gave the name of the luxury hotel to the work made from cheap wood. These Memphis' works attracted participants in the show.

The influence that Memphis gave to the world was tremendous and when Mr. Sottsasu, who are heading towards their exhibition, looked out of the window, people were overflowing, saying as if terrorism occurred or not, chaos He seems to have been born.

Their work was taken up by a number of well-known design magazines ......

Then shortly afterwards the influence of Memphis's design will be seen everywhere, including the MTV logo.

However, although the influence given by Memphis was great, furniture designed by them was rarely placed in people 's house.

The only mass production was the work "First Chair". The first chair was made with small backrests and chairs with a spherical elbow, about 3000 pieces were manufactured.

Mr. Shire said about First Chair, "It was the worst chair made with great ideas." It seems that it was a chair that collapsed at the moment that it hit the backrest.

A few years later, Mr. Sottsus passed the group to make his own studio, and the Memphis exhibition was the last in 1987.

Adamson replied, "When I was asked" What was the end of postmodern? ", I answered," It was about 1987. "A recession of the economy occurred and some somewhat from the swollen art market Because the air has escaped, it seems like a turning point, "he says.

In other words, the period of Memphis's activity is from 1981 to 1987, in a short period of about 6 years ......

In fact, their furniture rarely decorated the household in general.

Nevertheless, they left a vivid trajectory in the history of design and art, and inspired many designers who were born afterwards.

The original Apple Watch made in 1995 and distributed to people who purchased Mac for free ......

Dior Fall Collection of 2011

Fashion designersKarl LagerfeldIt is also known that it was a collector of Memphis design.

In October 2016, an exhibition called Memphis furniture collection by David Bowie was held.

Clothing, furniture, interior goods, miscellaneous goods etc. having genealogy of Memphis design are still spreading all around the world, do not know the name of the design group "Memphis", I do not know that it was a design born in the 1980s It is also familiar to many people.

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