It was one design group that created a unique geometric pattern and vivid color in the '80s design' and shocked the world.

The flashy color combinations and geometric patterns that came to mind when I heard that they were '80s design' weren't in fashion, but one design group shocked the world at an exhibition. Was the beginning. A YouTube movie shows when, where, and how the characteristic designs still found in clothes, miscellaneous goods, and interiors were born.

The origin of the '80s aesthetic-YouTube

The fashion of design varies according to the times. For example, in the 1950s, it looks like this ...

In the 1960s, there were many colorful and repeating pattern designs.

Disco style in the 1970s.

And in the 1980s there will be geometry, bright shades, boomboxes, aerobics, futuristic cars and more.

It was around this time that the unique hairstyle became popular.

So is it possible to identify when, who, and how the 1980s trends were created?

According to Glenn Adamson, a curator and writer of the

Museum of Arts and Design, the origins of the design of the 1980s were from a group of designers centered on Italian architect / industrial designer Ettre Sottsus. He said he could not think of anything other than ' Memphis. '

The man in the photo is Ettore Sottsass. The Memphis Group was formed on the evening of December 16, 1980, when young designers and architects gathered at his home and had a drink. He

promised to meet again on the moon.

Memphis was more influential than any other design group in the past and had a major impact on postmodern design for nearly a decade.

Most of the members of Memphis were Italian, but there were also designers and architects from Japan, France, England, Austria, and America.

Shiro Kuramata , Masanori Umeda and Arata Isozaki also participated in Memphis.

'Memphis' is the name of a city in Tennessee, USA, but the group of designers 'Memphis' is based in Milan, Italy. The name of Memphis comes from Bob Dylan's 'Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again'.

Memphis was born from the 'Radical Design' that has continued in Italy since the 1960s.

This radical design is a movement that emerges as a reaction to modernism that seeks minimalistic and practical beauty.

The trend of radical design has given designers the freedom to express themselves, away from functionality and using distortion and twist.

According to The Guardian's article at the time, Sottsass, a central member of Memphis, kept his distance from design world modernists and allowed Memphis members to make'unpredictable 'works without being bound by rules. It was said to have been done.

'We wanted to be thrilled, anxious, and thrilling,' said American artist Peter Shire at Memphis.

Memphis first appeared at the Milan Design Fair in 1981.

At that time, the works were given names such as 'Ritz-Carlton' and 'Sheraton' taken from top-notch hotels.

Of course this is a joke. The name of the luxury hotel was given to the work made of cheap wood with plastic laminate. These Memphis works have captivated the attendees of the show.

The influence that Memphis had on the world was tremendous, and when Mr. Sottsass and others who are heading for their exhibition looked out of the window, people overflowed as if 'it happened even terrorism?' It seems he was born.

Their work was featured in many famous design magazines at the time ...

Soon after, the influence of Memphis design will be seen everywhere, including the MTV logo.

However, despite the great influence of Memphis, the furniture they designed was rarely placed in people's homes.

The only one that was mass-produced was a work called 'First Chair'. The First Chair is a chair with a small backrest and a spherical elbow rest, and about 3000 pieces were manufactured.

'It was the worst chair made of great ideas,' Shire said of the First Chair. It seems that it was a chair that fell down the moment it leaned against the backrest.

A few years later, Sottsass left the group to build his own studio, with the Memphis exhibition lasting 1987.

When asked by someone, 'What was the end of postmodern?', Adamson replied, 'It was around 1987.' Somewhat from the bloated art market, a recession occurred. Because the air has escaped, it seems like a turning point. '

In other words, the activity period of Memphis was as short as 6 years from 1981 to 1987 ...

And in fact their furniture rarely decorated the home.

Nevertheless, they left a vivid trail in the history of design and art, inspiring many of the designers that followed.

The original Apple Watch that was made in 1995 and was distributed free of charge to people who purchased a Mac.

Dior Fall Collection 2011

Fashion designer

Karl Lagerfeld is also known to have been a collector of Memphis design.

In October 2016, an exhibition called David Bowie's Memphis Furniture Collection was held.

Clothes, furniture, interiors, and miscellaneous goods with a lineage of Memphis design are still spreading all over the world, without knowing the name of the design group 'Memphis' and not knowing that it was a design born in the 1980s. Is also familiar to many people.

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