A 19th century French mansion which was sealed for 100 years after the owner's death is made public according to the will

Born in France 's rich family in 1851,LimogesAfter serving as a secretary general of the prefecture and other bureaucratic positions, in central ChubuMoulinsLouis Mantan said that he spent his time collecting hobby arts and museums at a mansion that remodeled the old castle. When Mantan who had neither a wife nor children died at the age of 54 at 1905, the mansion was donated to the city of Moulin with furniture and collections, "To the people of 100 years later to the bourgeois of the 19th century It was sealed for 100 years under Mr. Mantan's testament of "I want you to preserve it in order to communicate your life."

As I promised, when I opened a man who had not entered anyone for the first century, the dust and the spider web were so bad that the wallpaper peeled off and the mold was growing everywhere, so it was in a state of intense damage, but 350 It is said that it was released as a museum on October 31, 2010, after three years of renovation which cost 10 thousand euros (about 400 million yen).

Details are as below.La Maison Mantin - Site du Conseil Général de l'Allier

"Maison Mantin (Maison Mantin)" Front facing east facing.

From Laussedat Park. Maison Mantin, built in the heart of the city of Moulin, was the first to become the French royal familyDuke of BourbonThis castle which was built and built in the 15th century was destroyed after being partially destroyed by the fire in 1775, but in 1791 during the French Revolution many state-owned When the property was sold, it came to the hands of the private sector, after the owner changed several times afterwards, in 1828 it became of the family of the Mantan family (the grandfather of Louis Mantan's grandfather).

Louis Mantin (1851-1905)

Rui Mantin inherited family estate in 1881, when he retired from the bureaucratic position in 1893, asked the architect Rene Moreau (1858-1924), who had been working on remodeling the old castle, to design the house, Rene Moreau On the foundation of the old castleNeo-Norman styleOf the UKManor houseStyles and towers likeTurretWe have elements of fortified architecture such asEclectic styleIn 1896 the renovation work was completed. Seems to have some lower rooms on the lower floor of the 15th century castle's ceiling.

The first plan designed by Rene Moreau. Were you felt that this plan was "a little ambitious", Moreau submitted a second draft "calm" to Manthan and it seems that it was adopted.

Exterior of the west side.

One of the three entrance halls is decorated with wolf watches. There seems to be a gateway exclusively for employees besides the three entrances.

The house of Mantan was equipped with modern facilities such as using lighting using electricity for the first time in the Moulin household.

A corridor leading from the entrance.

It is decorated with collections of artworks, art objects and artworks that Mantan was collecting as a hobby everywhere in the mansion. This is a fan of the 18th century (around 1792).

A frog made of frogs (19th century) covered with dome-shaped glass and posed like a battlefield.

The door leading to the salon (reception room) on the first floor.

Inside the salon.


Fireplace in the salon.

A stairway located between the old house of the Mantan family and the extension part.

The painting decorated at the landing is a portrait of the Mantan family, and the boy on the right is the father of Louis Mantan.


Mantan's bedroom.

A window in the corridor leading to the bedroom.

A stained glass that draws bamboo and the like,JaponismeIt seems to be affected by.

Modern bathroom with a sense of cleanliness. I was able to warm the towel for bathing on the back door.

Sponge storage in the bathroom.


It seems that hot water comes out from the faucet. The hot water boiled in the boiler room on the first floor of the tower, pumped up to the water storage room at the top of the tower, and was supplied to the bath and the washroom.

Flush toilet on the first floor.

From the pattern of the wallpaper it is a corridor called "the corridor of the sunflower".

Louis XV ofBedroom for ladies gathered up in style of era of. Originally it seemed that the same pink silk canopy bed was placed as the wall, but when Martin died the bed was removed and it seems that it was used as a lounge instead of a bedroom. It is Martin who was a single lifetime but maybe there was a woman who wanted to live in this room at the time of rebuilding the mansion.

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