A painting of 250 million yen will be found at an apartment in Paris who was unmanned for 70 years

Paris 9th district,Church of Santo TrinitéA woman who left a pretty nearby apartment before the Second World War and kept paying only rent alone without returning once died this year at the age of 91, and like the time capsule, the air in the early 20th century It seems that the room which confined it was to be opened for the first time in 70 years.

A portrait painting a beautiful woman was discovered in that room that nobody had stepped on for 70 years, an Italian painterGiovanni BoldiniIt turned out that it was a work of the auctioneer and was awarded at 2.1 million euros (about 250 million yen) in the auction done the other day.

Details are as below.AFP: Mystery masterpiece emerges from dusty Paris flat

Parisian flat containing € 2.1 million painting lay untouched for 70 years - Telegraph

The lady's woman in this room in the 9th district of Paris moved away from Paris to the southern France before the Second World War and he continued paying only rents without returning again. In the room opened for the first time in 70 years, furniture and furniture from the end of the 19th century to the early 20th century, which became valuable antiques now, were sleeping covered with dust and spider webs.

At the foot of the ostrich's foil is also a stuffed doll of Mickey Mouse before the war.

It is this portrait that was hung on the wall that took away the eyes of experts among them. pinkMuslinThe woman in the evening dress is an actress named Marthe de Florian who is the lender's woman's grandfather in the room and the expert seems to have instinctively felt like Giovanni Boldini's work at the moment of seeing this portrait but exhibited at exhibitions etc. Since I was never done and I did not have it in the record, I was wondering if the proof is difficult.

However, as a love letter from Boldini addressed to Marthe de Florian was discovered, he was convinced that the appraiser was Boldini's unreleased work. The love letter Marthe de Florian received from a number of admirers was put on a ribbon and kept and found in this granddaughter 's room. Some 72-year prime minister of FranceGeorges · ClemenceauAlthough it seems there was a letter from, Boldini was also one of the worshipers, Marthe seems to be a muse or a lover for the painter.

Ecole de ParisPainterGiovanni Boldini(1842-1931) is Italy ·FerraraBorn as a son of a religious painter, he studied painting in Florence since 1862, succeeded as a painter in London, and moved to Paris in 1872. The work is highly regarded as a portrait painter representing the times.

Boldini's self portrait (1892)

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Afterwards, further investigation revealed that the book written by Boldini's wife in 1951 touched on the portrait discovered this time, it was identified as a work drawn by Boldini in 1898 when Marthe was 24 years old It was done. In the auction which was done the other day, it is said that it was bidding for the best price ever as Boldini's work, which is 2.1 million euros.

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