A character hidden in the eyes of Mona Liza, a cipher telling the identity of the model

It is said that it is also the world's most famous painting and the most expensive paintingLeonardo da Vinciof"Mona LisaHowever, the identity of the model, the drawn background, hiddenAllegoryThere are also many mysterious paintings that are still controversial, including such as.

According to Silvano Vincenti, an art historian and chairman of the Association of Italian Cultural Heritage Society, the secret of Mona Lisa is hidden in the amber eyes, not the mouth that makes a mysterious smile. Mr. Vincenti's theory that "the character written in the pupil reveals the identity of the model" is a hot topic.

Details are as below.Mona Lisa's eyes may reveal model's identity, expert claims | Art and design | The Guardian

It is said that it was produced from 1503 to 1506Mona Lisa". It is currently exhibited at the Louvre Museum. Actually it seems that many people are surprised at their unexpected smallness of 21 inches x 30 inches (about 53 cm x 77 cm).

Although it can not be confirmed with the naked eye, by analyzing the super high resolution photograph, it seems that it can be confirmed that the character is drawn with the black paint in the greenish brown eyes.

According to Mr. Vinchenti, "LV" is written in the right eye of Mona Lisa which is clearly the initial of Da Vinci, but the left eye is the alphabet "B" or "S" Or "CE" can also be seen as the initial letter can be seen, this seems to be a serious hint showing the identity of the model. Mr. Vinchenti said it will announce the conclusion of this investigation next month.

Also, on the arch on the right side of the background bridge, the number "72" or the combination of alphabet and number "L2" is written and it is thought that this may become a clue as well.

A book written by a French art historian in the 1960s that touched on the letters in Mona Lisa's eyes seems to have triggered this investigation. Mr. Vinchenti said, "When I looked at the views of two experts in painting this time, these characters drawn with a magnifying glass and a fine brush were drawn by chance in the course of painting production I agreed in that it can not be considered. " "Leonardo is a painter who frequently uses symbols and ciphers to convey the message, he thought that" the pupil is the door to the soul "He wanted to reveal the identity of the model to the viewer through the eyes of Mona Lisa "

Regarding the model of Mona Lisa the wife of the merchant of FlorenceLiza del JocondoThe current opinion is the most powerful, but Mr. Vinchenti denies this theory. "To the back of the picture have been written the number" 149 ", has been erased four claws of the numbers. This suggests that the da Vinci painted this picture in 1490's in Milan stay, Milan publicLudovico SforzaIt would be thought that the court woman of the court was a model. "

There is also a persistent theory that Mona Lisa is self-portrait of Da Vinci. The Italian Cultural Heritage Association led by VincenziBeginning this year, I am applying to the French authorities to reproduce the face before life from the skull of Da Vinci and want me to excavate the body to compare and verify.

Self portrait of Da Vinci 's later years, which was said to have been drawn from 1512 to 1515.

Although I feel that skeleton from forehead to nose is somewhat similar, I do not seem to have any definitive evidence in any thesis at the moment.

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