Winter morning hard to get up, until waking up from futon after waking up was 13.3 minutes across the country

The air has also cooled down to the end of the year, it has become a painful season for getting up in the morning, but there are people who hurriedly overslept and rushed to the company and the school in a panic.

Regarding such a winter morning, the result of Weathernews' survey for 11,452 people was summarized. The result is 13.3 minutes nationwide as a result of waking up in the morning in winter, but this is only average. There seems to be considerable difference depending on prefectures and sex.

Interesting results are presented on various items such as ingenuity to escape from the futon and warmth in winter morning. Recalling this result when I get up tomorrow morning may be a little earlier than usual.

The results of the questionnaire on the situation in winter morning are as follows."Everyone's winter morning circumstances" Survey result announcement. From waking up until coming out of the futon, the average 13 minutes nationwide! /2010.12.13

I surveyed from the answer to the question 'What is the time from waking up to leaving the futon?', And it seems that the national average has reached 13.3 minutes. In addition, when we ranked this result by prefecture, it was 11.0 minutes in Tokushima Prefecture and Miyazaki prefecture, 11.3 minutes in Yamaguchi Prefecture, 3rd place in 11.5 minutes in Fukui prefecture and Nara prefecture . On the other hand, the lower ranking was 45.7 in Hiroshima Prefecture, 15.7 in the 46th place, 16.1 in Kumamoto Prefecture, the slowest in 16.6 minutes in Tottori Prefecture.

When we compiled this question for each prefecture by gender, the average of female was 87.2 minutes, the male was 59.9 minutes, the result was women 27.3 minutes slower than men. In addition, rankings are also slightly different from those of men and women overall.

When you display prefectures earlier than the national average on the map, you can see that the time to leave the futon tends to be faster than in western Japan. On the contrary, it seems that the northern Japan is later than the national average in Hokkaido and Tohoku, and it tends to become harder to get out of the futon as cold northern Japan.

For the question 'Is it cold and hard to get up in the morning ... What do you think is the most necessary for getting out of a futon?' 56 percent of respondents say "spirit", etc. Somehow awake people There seems to be many. Following that, many answers "warm the room". By area, perhaps in Hokkaido and Tohoku, the answer of "warming the room" exceeded "firing", so it may be because it is an area where cold is severe, so it is taking efficient measures.

Among the answers of "others", it was said that comments such as "I like my favorite music" and "I can get up relatively well if I make a schedule the previous day", so many people It seems to be also.

In response to the question "What is the worst thing in the winter morning?", "Room cold", "Snowplow", "Frost (car window etc.)" "Water is cold" "Condensation" "Water I got responses from options such as "freezing", "no particular", "other", 48% overwhelmingly "room cold" nationwide, followed by "frost (car window etc)" (16% ), "Water is cold" (10%).

Also, if you extract only the result of Tohoku, you can see that "Snowflake" is larger than the national average, and one out of three people suffer from snow. In addition, the frost (car window etc.), which became the second troubles in the nationwide average, was smaller in the Tokyo, Kanagawa and Osaka prefectures than in other prefectures, It seems that the characteristics of a big city with more railway than transportation means.

In response to the question "What is your favorite thing in winter," clear air, "" sleeping twice, "" Asahi and sunset, "and many other real thrills that can be felt because of winter.

Although it seems that it is a common trouble whatever living in any prefecture it is hard to get up in the morning, it is understood that the average time to get up is known, so it may be encouraging to try to get up earlier than that I do not.

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