There was a "library apartment" where people could live and explore the hall at any time in the New York Public Library

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American businessman / philanthropistAndrew CarnegieIs known for donating a lot of money and building over 2,500 libraries around the world. Also in America · New YorkCarnegie LibraryThere are many, but there was a "library apartment" where people live and live their lives.

Inside the New York Public Library's Last, Secret Apartments | Atlas Obscura

New York consists of three central libraries and more than 80 branch libraries (branches)New York Public LibraryAlthough these New York public libraries have been expanded, it is the event about 100 years ago from now. Originally in the 19th century New York there were only two libraries, Astor Library and Lennox Library. In 1901, American businessman Andrew Carnegie, who was born in Scotland, added the current value of 100 million branch libraries Due to the donation (about 10 billion yen) worth donated to New York City, the number of libraries has increased rapidly.

In the library at that time, the furnace was used to keep the inside of the hall at an appropriate temperature. For this reason, the library has a room where administrators and their families can live, so that they can always see the fire in the oven, and children who are residents in the library after closing have read books, play with carts He said that he was. One woman who lived in the library as a child age said he was always told, "Do not let the oven cool."

However, as the heating system developed from the 1970s to the 1980s, the furnace was no longer used, and the administrators who were on fire also celebrated their retirement. Eventually the "dwellers of the library" disappeared and the space used as a residence was also renovated and changed into a public space, but in New York City it is still a building that can be called a "library apartment" There are 13 buildings remaining.

The following picture is a picture of the then-opened Fort Washington Branch Library in 1914, where the residential space is still preserved. Fort Washington Branch Library has a high ceiling and large windows in the 1st and 2nd floor part, and is very bright and airy structure. The bookshelves are lined up on the two floors on the first floor, and the second floor is a kids space where colorful lamps were hung. And the top floor part with square window is apartment.

Normally only the 1st and 2nd floor part is opened, but the library staff Iris · Weinharu entered the former residence of the top floor, "It seems that it entered another building" And that.

This is the top floor appearance. Although it is just a large space, it is not managed by human's hands, so the ceiling material falls to the floor, you can see that the wall is dirty. It used to be a party here, people sometimes dance.

This is the ceiling.

The walls of the aisle in the apartment are painted bright yellow or blue by former inhabitants.

However, the paint on the walls of most places is peeled off.

The bedroom is like this.

Wayne Shal, who walked in the apartment, said, "I did not feel scared, but I felt the loneliness of the left behind." However, it is said that "There seemed to be a horror movie setting" that there are three black doors with a bell attached and "not opening" and no one knows what's behind it.

It looks like the elevator shaft for load carrying is looking up from below.

On the contrary, the situation when looking down from above. The Carnegie - Brunch library is one of the features that large windows and lavish decorations do not exist in other libraries, but this elevator was also attractive as then apartment.

The layout is as follows. There is enough space and there are two bedrooms on the left side of the kitchen, but in addition to that there is one extra large bedroom on the right side beyond the aisle.

This is the wall of the kitchen. Rather than being made of stone, stone wind wallpaper is stuck. In the kitchen it seems that the objects of the former residents, such as a picture of a Christmas tree, and a pirate card written "You are my true treasure" remained attached.

Phones are also left.

One of the bedrooms was a storeroom. The door of the bedroom also sees the sign that the person lived, with the tag "Knock on before entering!" Remained.

"Some cleaning and repair is necessary, but the room is large enough, we can spend a kitchen with several people, apartment is very attractive even if it looks like current real estate market in New York.In this apartment It is extremely rare to find it in Manhattan, and it is secret that we go up the stairs of the buildings frequently used and reach the space where there is no one, "Wain Sharu said. However, this apartment part is "useless" for the library as it is as it is, and it is Wain Shall says that it is "almost like a crime" not to make use of space by refurbishing and so on. Although the first and second floors of the library with apartment which is remaining in 13 in New York are open, it is not enough space for children after school to spend. Therefore, the Washington · Heights · Branch Library etc. have started renovation to make effective use of the apartment part, and it is scheduled to reopen in the following form in the near future.

Although the renovation of the Washington Heights branch library is on its way, the floor part is already becoming modern. The newly built building is supposed to be "an apartment in the past, people were living" and the library will hide secrets that people know.

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